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🌟Optimize your hiking experience with these walking poles: anti-vibration performance and locking system. Ideal for long-term off-road tours, they offer optimal comfort and safety, while being ultra-light and versatile.

👍Why choose them? Yanes, a team of hiking enthusiasts based in Quebec, has satisfied more than 50,000 customers since 2002 and guarantees the quality of its products for 2 years. The very first model from 2002 remains strong, even after more than 20 years of use.

💪Optimal Comfort and Safety : These ultra-light 3-section poles are telescopic and adjustable for a custom fit. Their ergonomic strapless handle is designed to prevent injuries and is approved by Canada's top fitness instructors. They improve your performance, safety and comfort, allowing you to burn up to 46% more calories compared to walking without poles. Additionally, the handle engages your abdominal muscles, strengthening your core. Join the movement and move towards better health. Easy to transport, they are suitable for all seasons and all types of terrain.

🌿Ultra-light and versatile : The 300 series walking poles are made of sturdy aluminum with carbide tips, suitable for all terrains. The "ProHiking" Series 300 hiking poles feature an anti-shock system and a screw-on quick release, offering exceptional strength and unrivaled extension.

🦵Stability and Joint Comfort : These poles guarantee exceptional stability and effective weight distribution to protect your joints, suitable for walking in all seasons. Thanks to their retractable lightweight aluminum sections, they combine the practicality of telescopic poles with a self-locking screw and unscrew locking system.

❄️Multi-terrain stability : Equipped with various tips suitable for different terrains, these poles significantly improve your stability on varied surfaces, such as soft terrain, sandy forests, snow and ice. In winter, they provide invaluable balance.

🚶‍♂️Essential Allies : Walking poles are not just accessories, they become your essential companions for navigating rugged trails, ensuring the perfect balance for your safety and well-being. Never leave without them.

🔧Innovative Adjustment System : Our three-section poles adapt to your height to simplify transport. Their ergonomic handle offers a firm grip, while their anti-shock system adds comfort. Removable baskets are ideal for walking on snowy terrain.

🌲Special Features for All Terrains : Our all-terrain poles include a large screw-on puck for snowshoeing, as well as a medium dense, non-perforated screw-on puck, ideal for hiking in the forest. The fixed tip at the end of the poles is specially designed for walking on ice. Using telescopic walking poles with the large puck improves your stability on snow and distributes weight effectively, reducing soreness and allowing you to walk longer distances in winter. The balance they provide is simply extraordinary.



SERIES:  300

MODEL: bat-yns-300

WEIGHT:  260g x 2


C$69.99 Regular Price
C$29.99Sale Price
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