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100% MSR Compatible.  Rejuvenate your MSR snowshoes and improve your hiking quality with this new "SPEED FIX" replacement part, 1 left and 1 right.

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Easy to install, this luxury harness is 100% compatible. on all your MSR racquets




Premium quality material. This new "Heavy Duty" technology of lightweight, high-density polypropylene sieves for a quality that improves flexibility, resistance to cold and their lifespan. 


Our dual ratchet and special toe, 4-point bindings hold your feet firmly in place and easily adapt to most shoes, providing a secure fit for maximum efficiency when hiking outdoors. This 4-point attachment is the most popular with MSR lovers. The (ratchet) buckles are quick-locking making it easy to put on and take off quickly. It can be attached easily by lifting the one-finger pull loop, even when your hands are frozen. Easy installation ensures your foot stays in place, providing optimal comfort during your winter adventures. Opt for quality and performance with our harness. The ratchets are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in extremely low temperatures.


This ingenious mechanism provides a higher level of security and stability. 


Discover our snowshoe harness, designed from ultra-robust materials that maintain their flexibility even in extreme cold.

Designed for the most demanding hikes, our harnesses have been tested and proven by our own customers, passionate hikers who regularly like to challenge the highest mountains and participate in marathons.


Improved Comfort: Give your snowshoes a second lease of life and say welcome to your new easy and quick to install straps. During your outdoor hikes, installation is remarkably simple, allowing quick installation even with gloves or mittens.


Give your snowshoes an improved life MSRthanks to our pair of replacement harnesses including a  buttress

 These  2 fixings included: 1 left side and 1 right


“SPEED FIX” with Quick Adjustment & Reliable : Our binding mechanism, compatible with MSR snowshoes, offers easy and efficient handling thanks to its ratchet system, the Polypropylene ensuring an instant fit for all types of winter boots, whether small or extremely large. The toe cap guide makes it easy to quickly position your boots on snowshoes, ensuring expedited preparation for your winter expeditions.


Exceptional support and adaptability: The bindings, equipped with a double ratchet and a special toe cap, guarantee robust support for your feet, adjusting without difficulty. This versatility ensures a secure fit, optimizing efficiency during your winter hikes. Quick-lock buckles simplify the donning and doffing process, providing a convenient solution for hassle-free use.


Ease of use, even in freezing weather: Quick-lock buckles allow for quick one-finger donning and doffing, even with gloved or cold-numbed hands. The effectiveness of the SPEED FIX binding remains unaltered, providing a reliable and practical solution for all your winter outings.


Optimal performance in all circumstances:Designed to fit a variety of boots, large or small, our binding ensures maximum performance on your snowy adventures. Double ratchet technology and a special tip provide exceptional stability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable hiking experience.


Unrivaled versatility and practicality: The SPEED FIX Binding easily adjusts to various boot sizes, providing a versatile solution for all winter sports enthusiasts. Innovative features make it easy to use, even in extreme weather conditions, ensuring an optimal hiking experience.


The guarantee of reliable fixation:Thanks to careful design and the use of quality materials, the SPEED FIX Binding offers unrivaled reliability. Enjoy every winter outing with complete confidence, with a binding combining practicality, durability and exceptional performance.


2 sizes available (melallic plate not included):

  • -Model A =2 tips
  • -Model B=4 tips

See image #4 Or Click here


  • Brand : Simard Sport

  • Color : Black

  • Model : SPEEDFIX-MSR


  • Option available at $19.99 Including:
  • 8 stainless steel bolts (screws), 8 self-locking nuts and washers.

Opt for this connection kit to effectively replace your rivets. Installing the bolts is simple and can be done with the ease of a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.


Easy installation and instructions available in photos on this site.

For any technical questions, call us at the workshop 514-379-2299 ext. 2. 

We also offer an installation service in Laval. Or Do it yourself!

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker to help you install it.

Must be uninstalled and installed with skill in handling good compliant tools, and all while respecting the safety standards for this work. Very rarely, an older model will require a slight enlargement of all four ports.


The effectiveness of the ratchet attachment system, commonly called "ratchet". This ingenious mechanism provides a superior level of safety and stability, significantly improving the user experience in harsh winter conditions. 


C$119.95 Regular Price
C$99.95Sale Price
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