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From a Quebec company ranked #1, these high-end 31-inch ENERGETIK snowshoes are designed for strong men and for major work, such as at the sugar shack. Commercially designed, they are ideal for rental centers. CANYON Energetik snowshoe is specifically designed with a pivot; indestructible and a sturdy frame for prime groomed, hilly and off-trail winter trails.

Designed for winter performance with its comfortable and efficient harness thanks to its support on 4 points of support and its indestructible pivot.



Performance : All-Terrain/Hybrid

Design :Quebecois

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size: 36 x 9.5 inches

Traction:13 peak crampons

Pivot: Flexible and indestructible

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Super Robust Grade 7061

Fixation : Deluxe Quick Click 

Shoe size :Universal

Lightweight: 1111g(x2)

Brand : CANYON

Including: Bag of Durable nylon


This Energetik all-terrain snowshoe model from CANYON is part of the Quebec range of products designed for long life.

The Laval designer of this racket thought about your long-term comfort, at a lower cost. Comfortable, lightweight model, easy to install and remove.


Flotation charter:

Track - Off track: 150-360 pounds =165Kg 


 -ENERGETIK from CANYON are unique and of first quality. Ultra light, durable with its large   Very robust aluminum frame, 7/8 inch thick. Its attachment with its end cover   of feet is revolutionary. Intended for all beginner adventurers or for an expedition   intermediate on beaten trails or off-piste. Can be used off-road thanks to its pivot   flexible and indestructible. Class 1 with its lightweight and ergonomic aluminum frame for women and men. These recreational expedition snowshoes are the best for an unforgettable hike.


 The combination of premium materials and sleek ergonomic design improves stability and maneuverability while providing the all-day comfort you expect from a premium racquet. The tapered design allows for a more natural stride in all winter conditions, allowing for longer hikes. The polyethylene cover provides energetic rebound while the two additional side studs allow you to tackle a wide range of snow types.



Pivot ENERGETIK flexible is indestructible. On hard snow or deep off-piste, in   difficult conditions on hardened surfaces with moderate ascents and descents. Pivot belt system for energetic rebound. 



Harness on the market, ultra-comfortable with its 4 support points;

Frost-resistant PVC double ratchet fixings for easy, precise adjustment at any time

Heel strap with quick-release buckle and secure foot hold.

Fits all shoe sizes and styles;



The lightweight, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame puts less strain on the knees and joints, allowing for longer rides. 

The tapered design allows for a more natural stride;

One-piece tubular design increases durability and stability

Large frame (tubing) 7/8 inches


 13-point crampons 

Rugged aluminum provides durability in harsh winter conditions;

Non-stick design prevents snow build-up;

The 7-point front crampon secures every step.

2 side points provide full traction on snow crust, packed snow and when climbing hills;

The 6-point rear cleat provides additional maneuverability and stride stability.


 Polyethylene platform 

The UV-resistant polyethylene decking and fixings are flexible down to -40 degrees.


Snowshoes guaranteed for 2 YEARS

Quebec company and design

Brand: Canyon

Model: 36can


With our extended warranty2 years offered on, White Mountain snowshoes are your ideal companions for worry-free winter hikes. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner, equip yourself today and explore the wonders of the cold season with complete peace of mind.

Discover the Energetik Snowshoe from CANYON, designed for Worry-Free Adventure and Exceptional Durability.


Heavy Duty Snowshoes for Men - All Terrain - Length 36 Inches

SKU: 36can
C$199.99 Regular Price
C$139.99Sale Price
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