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Snowshoe Set for Men or Teenagers - Combine Durability and Comfort

White Mountain snowshoes offer you an unparalleled experience, whether you are a woman, a man, or a teenager.



Performance : All Terrain

Design :Quebecois

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size: 21 x 8 inches

Traction:14 Robust crampons

Stability: Metal pivot

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Robust Aluminum Grade 6061

Fixation : Rapid Fastering Technology

Light weight: 793g (x 2)



Transport bag : Durable nylon

2 Sticks Nordics: 4 seasons


 21 INCH Flotation Charter: 

 On Track Only: 75 - 150 lbs =68kg 
 Piste and Off-Piste: 75 - 130 lbs=60kg 
 Often Off-Piste: 75 – 100 lbs=50kg 


Here are the strong points of these rackets: 

Main Features:

  • Size: 21 inches, ideal for users weighing between 75 and 150 pounds (68 kg).

  • Extreme Durability: These snowshoes are designed for maximum sole contact, providing exceptional slip resistance, even in low temperature environments.  

  • Lightweight and Durable Platform: The platform is made of lightweight, high-quality high-density polyethylene for optimal buoyancy in snow, allowing users to save energy and go further. 

  • Comfortable attachment with double buckle: Ensures optimal comfort and superior fit.

  • Comfort Pivot Snowshoes: Designed to guarantee comfort throughout your hike.

  • Complete set : Each set includes 1 bag and 2 adjustable 4-season poles, with a 90-day warranty.

  • 21 INCH Flotation Chart:

    • On Track Only: 75 - 150 lbs (68 kg)
    • Track & Off-Piste: 75 - 130 lbs (60 kg)
    • Often Off-Piste: 75 – 100 lbs (50 kg)
  • Super Easy to Attach & Light: These rackets are designed for hassle-free use.

  • Quebec brand: White Mountain snowshoes are designed in Quebec.

  • Size 5 to 12

  • Dimensions: Measuring 21 inches long (78 cm) and 8 inches wide (20 cm).

  • Grip with Bidirectional Cleats

  • Quality Materials: Anodized aluminum tubing, crampons and pivots, non-stick thermoplastic screen.

  • Compatible with All Boot Styles

  • Lightweight Aluminum Tube Frame

  • Ergonomic shape for easy walking

  • Exceptional Resistance: Resistant to -40 degrees Celsius, these snowshoes are ready for all winter conditions.

  • Model : KIT-WM-821-RED-2D

  • Weight: 783g

Guarantee : Enjoy peace of mind with the 2-year extended warranty* on these snowshoes: offered exclusively by, with the best after-sales service on the market.

Treat yourself to a quality winter experience with these snowshoes that combine durability and comfort. It doesn't matter if you are a woman, a man or a teenager, these snowshoes guarantee you wonderful hikes in the snow.

Snowshoe Set - 21 Inches - All-Terrain - Ideal for 75 to 150 Pounds

C$159.99 Regular Price
C$79.99Sale Price
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