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Merino wool is truly wonderful. It has been more than 20 years since the GKS brand began manufacturing these socks. You can't imagine the extent to which this high-performance, natural, highly durable fiber even gives you a taste for adventure.


The main particularity of this brand is to design and distribute socks with a lifetime guarantee! Indeed, these GKS socks are guaranteed for life. In normal use of course!


GKS performance socks are ideal for all types of activities. Their elasticity ensures that they fit the feet perfectly and the merino wool helps them wick away moisture to keep the feet dry and warm.


1 Standard size: 

           Male 7-8-9

          Female 8-9-10



 . Merino wool helps wick away moisture

 . Helps keep feet dry

 . Thermal protection

. Sock  softness and comfort of Merino wool

. Wraps the foot with support



. 42% Merino wool

. 42% acrylic

. 16% polyester

. Made in China

  Brand GKS

  Model : bas3cou

   The stocking doesn't cost much and provides invaluable services!

Merino wool: fewer odors, natural material…

Merino wool socks have many benefits that synthetic or cotton socks do not have. We can notably cite:


Fewer bad odors because merino wool has anti-bacterial properties which prevents the proliferation of bad odors. This is one of the main advantages of this wool. you will be able to walk for several days without complaining or your friends complaining about the bad odors generated by your feet, especially in the evening at the bivouac...

A natural materialwhich makes it possible in particular to avoid possible irritations due to synthetic materials.

Ensures very good heat regulation, this is a particularity of merino wool. It is rarer to sweat or, conversely, to have cold feet when using this type of wool.

Thermal Socks GKS SPORT Super Merino Wool Sock Unisex

SKU: bas3cou
C$24.99 Regular Price
C$14.99Sale Price
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