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4 Sizes -$79.99 to $119.99

The brand new high-end snowshoe classified All-Terrain CANYON from SimardSport is of Quebec design and is classified as the best for all your off-road hikes thanks to its large aggressive crampons. This racket gives you more bang for your buck. Designed to offer you an unrivaled snowy experience, this complete set offered in 4 sizes 17, 22, 25 or 31 inches for women, men and teenagers sold with a 3-year warranty on snowshoes and exceptional quality for worry-free winter adventures.



These Canyon snowshoes from the SimardSport brand will adapt to all types of snowy terrain. Whether on a snow trail or off-trail in powder, these versatile snowshoes will help you conquer the wilderness with strong bindings and crampons that provide efficient traction. 


17inch/Floatation Capacity:

Child 5 to 11 years old

Less than 80 lbs (max 35 kg)


22inch/Floatation Capacity:


Trail only:     75 - 160 lbs (35 to 72 kg)

Trail and off-trail: 75 - 130 lb (35 to 60 kg)


25 inches/Floatation Capacity:

Trail only: 90-220 lbs (44-100 kg)

Trail and off-trail: 90-170 lb (44-77 kg)

Off-road only: 90-150 lb (44 to 68 kg)


31 inches/Floatation Capacity

Trail only:       170 - 275 lb (77-125 kg)
Senier and off-piste:    170 - 250 lb (77-113 kg)
Off-road only: 170-220 lb (77-100 kg)​



  • Snowshoes:
    • Abrasion-resistant aluminum frame
    • Ergonomic buckle attachment
    • Heel strap
    • Aluminum cleats
  • Sticks
    • Telescopic: 70 cm to 135 cm
    • 3 aluminum sections: 16/14/12 mm in diameter
    • Easy locking
    • Ergonomic handles
    • 4 season tips
    • Carbide tips
  • Included :
    • A pair of snowshoes
    • A multifunctional carrying bag
    • A carrying bag for poles
    • A pair of telescopic poles

Description of snowshoes

Performance : All-Terrain/Hybrid

Design :Quebecois

Snowshoe Warranty: Limited for life

Size: 17in / 22in / 25in /31 inches

Traction: 13 crampons

Stability:Soft Pivot

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Ultra Robust Aluminum

Fixation : 3 or 4 support points

Light weight: 940g (x 2)




Designed for Ease of Use and Comfort:

Lightweight and Ergonomic Snowshoes: Made from lightweight, sturdy aluminum, with improved double ratchet fixings for easy adjustment. The single buckle tightening mechanism coupled with a TPE heel strap provides effective support. 

Pro4 bindings: Attachment on 4 support points including one on the tips of the toes

Excellent Flotation and Robust Crampons: The Aluminum frame provides a large flat surface for maximum flotation. Each snowshoe is equipped with two sets of reinforced cleats for strong traction on icy and hard surfaces.

Telescopic Hiking Poles: Easily adjustable from 25.5 to 54 inches, even with gloves or in 4-season conditions


Other details :

  • Color: Blue - Charcoal
  • Brand: Canyon
  • Model: kit-Can6


The combination oftop quality materials and a sleek ergonomic design improves stability and maneuverability while providing the all-day comfort you expect from a premium racquet.


Pivot ENERGETIK flexible is indestructible. On hard or deep snow off-piste, in  difficult conditions on hard surfaces with moderate ascents and descents;


Best harness on the market, ultra-comfortable with its 4 support points;

Frost-resistant PVC double ratchet fixings for easy, precise adjustment at any time

Heel strap with quick-release buckle and secure foot hold

Fits all shoe sizes and styles;


The lightweight, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame puts less strain on the knees and joints, allowing for longer rides. 

The tapered design allows for a more natural stride;

One-piece tubular design increases durability and stability

Large frame (tubing) 7/8 inches

 13-point crampons 

Rugged aluminum provides durability in harsh winter conditions;


 Polyethylene platform 

The UV-resistant polyethylene decking and fixings are flexible down to -40 degrees.


The total value of the 6-piece set is $124.99 to $199.99.


How to Choose the Right Size Snowshoes:Click here  

5 in 1 - Snowshoe Set - Woman - Man - Child | FREE STICKS

C$169.99 Regular Price
C$79.99Sale Price
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