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Discover the ultimate solution to optimize the installation of your snowshoes with these 2 straps.

Exclusive Heel Replacement Parts at Simard Sport!

Transform your comfort and hiking experience into snowshoes.

“Pimp” your rackets with these Universal Heel Straps.

Compatible with renowned brands MSR, ATLAS, GV, GVC and all other brands (except Tubbs).

Elevate your winter adventures with the most efficient straps on the market, specially designed to improve the quality of your snowshoeing experience.

Adaptable to the heels of MSR, Atlas, Tubbs, and other brands of snowshoes, these straps are easily installed in the old holes of your previous models.

Make your experience easier with a fastener that's quick and easy to put on and take off, with proven technology ensuring a perfect fit for all standard and plus sizes.

Made from high-quality 100% nylon, these belts provide exceptional durability, with dimensions of 20" L x 1/8" D x 1" H.

The easy-to-use tightening mechanism, combined with the nylon strap and wide TPE heel cup, guarantees strong and comfortable support.

Opt for simplicity with a standard universal size model, compatible with all boots, and benefit from easy and durable installation. 


Assembly Kit Option ($9.99):

A) 4 1/2 inch length stainless steel bolts, 4 nuts and 4 washers (easy installation by yourself)

B) 4 tubular aluminum rivet + 4 washers (installation by a professional).


Installation and Instruction Not Included:

For any technical questions, call us at the workshop 514-379-2299 ext. 3.

We also offer an installation service in Laval.

Must be uninstalled & installed with good tools

Or Do it yourself!

Be sure to install these fixings in accordance with safety standards for the job.

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker 


Boots and snowshoes not included.


Transform your equipment today with Simard Sport Heel Straps!


Model: 2-nyl-talon

Black color

2 Universal Heel Straps Racket Attachment Replacement Parts

C$29.99 Regular Price
C$24.99Sale Price
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