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Lovers of hiking, beautiful, not beautiful, go with complete peace of mind with this SNOWSTORM G0 2GETHER snowshoe. Don't worry, you can go on all types of trails with this set including 2 versatile 4-season poles and a carrying bag.  


5 piece ensemble: 2 snowshoes, 1 carrying bag and 2 poles for all 4 seasons


-These sharp crampons are made of high quality non-slip steel, which provides excellent grip in snow or ice fields.
-Anodized aluminum frame  
-Rotating rod pivot, very smooth   
-Heel raiser (climb wedge)  
-Double ratchet boot attachment with EVA padding
-2 3-section versatile 4-season aluminum hiking poles
-1  Storage bag  


 21 INCH Flotation Charter: 

 On Track Only: 75 - 150 lbs =68kg 
 Piste and Off-Piste: 75 - 130 lbs=60kg 
 Often Off-Piste: 75 – 100 lbs=50kg 


Dimensions: 8 in. x 21 in.


Model: kit21go

Color: blue or red

GO / GVC Snowstorm 21 Inch Snowshoe Set 5 Pieces

SKU: kit21go-rouge
235,99C$ Regular Price
135,99C$Sale Price
Color: Red
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