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Yukon snowshoe range, this year with an all new design, this snowshoe is a great option for beginners as well as advanced snowshoes

Featuring our Fast Fit II binding system and Flex-Lite heel strap to enable quick entry and exit in the snow.


 Floatation charter: 

 On Track only:      130-240 pounds = 110kg 
 Piste - Off-piste:  130-225 pounds = 100kg
 Off-Piste Only:   130-200 pounds = 90 kg


Snowshoe set sold with useful outdoor equipment: 1 bag and 2 poles. When there is a lot of snow on the road, outdoor activity enthusiasts can carry the snowshoes to go on a snow hike or adventure, because the snowshoes can avoid slipping or stalling in the snow. snow.



Resistant to minus -40 degrees Celsius

Blue color

Brand: Yukon

Model: kit30yukon-advance

Delivery time 10 days

Unisex Yukon 30 inch Snowshoe Set Adult Men Women

SKU: kit30yukon-ad
C$249.99 Regular Price
C$199.99Sale Price
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