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Easy to install on your Snowshoes!

Discover our Pairs of “FIX PRO4” Anti-Stress Snowshoe Replacement Harnesses

Satisfy your thirst for adventure with this new harness of the latest technology, more reliable, more comfortable and more efficient than your old bindings. New rubber sieve technology improving flexibility and resistance to cold. 


-Quick and Easy Installation: A quick and easy replacement attachment (left and right) lets you enjoy your adventures faster. 

-Frost Resistant Fixing: Designed to resist the cold, this binding“FIX PRO4” offers optimal comfort and a more than perfect fit. New rubber sieve technology improving flexibility and resistance to cold at -40 degrees.

-Universal Compatibility: These harnesses fit 100% over your wood or magnesium (army) snowshoes, providing versatility and adaptability. 

-Luxury bindings “FIX-PRO4”: New generation, these harnesses are designed for top-notch performance thanks to their comfortable harness and their fixation on 4 support points.The strap on the toe can be removed if necessary.

-Go without worry: These reliable harnesses will accompany you without letting you down.

-Best Fastening on the Market: Take advantage of one of the best bindings available on the market.

-Universal Size: Fits standard boot sizes, 5-13, for maximum versatility.

-High-performance “FIX PRO4” attachment system: A self-locking system providing secure fixation.

-Modern “EVA” padding: For ultimate comfort, while remaining robust, durable and efficient.

-Flexible Anti-Freeze Nylon Fixing: Flexible nylon straps are frost-resistant for worry-free use even in cold weather.

-Hassle-Free Loop: Easy to put on and take off for a worry-free experience.

-Elegant Colors: Available in black and gray, these harnesses are resistant up to -40 degrees Celsius.

-TPU harness with Quick Lock: With quick releases, they fit easily over most boots, providing a secure fit for efficient outdoor hikes.

-Practical Heel Strap: Made of high quality nylon, it provides better support and is easy to adjust.

Latest Generation Technology: These bindings are designed for efficiency and durability, these harnesses are made from the latest technology.


-Model: fix4pro-bab

-Brand: SimardSport


-Sold in Pairs : Each purchase includes a pair of harnesses, one for the left foot and one for the right foot (with 2 pre-drilled holes).


Optional Connection Kit for $19.99 :

Includes 4 adjustable connectors to connect the pair of snowshoes to your bindings

Assembly kit with 4 pre-drilled belts, 4 screws, 4 nuts and 8 washers


Easy installation!

For any technical questions, call us at the workshop 514-379-2299 ext. 2.

We also offer an installation service in Laval.

Or Do it yourself!

Must be uninstalled and installed securely with good tools.

Must be uninstalled and installed with skill in handling good compliant tools, and all while respecting the safety standards for this work. 


Note : The images/photos show the snowshoes and boots, which are not included in this purchase. Prepare for stress-free winter adventures with these exceptional quality harnesses.


C$69.95 Regular Price
C$49.95Sale Price
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