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These warm ski or hiking gloves are made of high quality materials. 

Large size only  


Liningultra soft and wrist lock protecting you from the cold  

RaincoatTPU waterproof fabrics block 100% water between gloves. The outer shell fabric is covered with a waterproof material . Adjustable wrist strap and drawstring buckle are more convenient than other ski gloves, which can prevent wind and snow from entering your gloves. The double waterproof material will keep your hands warm and dry when exercising and playing in the snow, but not submerging in water. The inside of the hand of the ski gloves are designed with high quality and anti-slip material. 


winter glovesExtremely Warm: The winter ski gloves are filled with 240g acrylic fiber cotton and thick fleece inside can withstand temperatures from -34°C to -15°C. Keeps your hands warm and comfortable effectively. 


Zipped pocket: The zipped pocket makes it easy to carry keys, cards, money, ski passes or other small things


Non-slip and durable:   Full polyurethane gloves, instead of inferior PVC or semi-polyurethane material. Full Polyurethane palms for maximum grip plus extremely durable, flexible - Easy to install and remove


Materials: ‎Imitation leather Cotton Thermoplastic polyurethane 


Size: Large Male 

Model: gant-blk-wh-lg 

Warm and Waterproof Ski and Hiking Gloves for Real Cold Weather

SKU: gant-blk-wh
C$49.99 Regular Price
C$29.99Sale Price
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