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All-Terrain Snowshoes for Men and Women

Take on winter challenges with confidence with our White Mountain snowshoes. With generous dimensions of 35 x 10 inches, they provide optimal flotation for adventurers weighing between 140 and 300 pounds (135 kg). Whether you prefer marked trails or off-piste adventure, these rugged all-terrain snowshoes are up to any snowy terrain.

A Complete Package for Limitless Adventures

This complete set includes a pair of premium all-terrain snowshoes designed for both men and women. Equipped with front and rear crampons, they provide exceptional grip on snow, whether in the forest, in the mountains or off-piste. The snowshoes measure 35 inches long (89 cm) and 10 inches wide (25 cm), providing optimal flotation.

The double buckle fastening guarantees maximum comfort and a perfect fit, adapting to all boot sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Made from ultra-light 6061 aluminum, they are both lightweight and durable. The floating pivot system improves traction and reduces fatigue, allowing you to explore even the steepest terrain with confidence.

Designed for Excellence in Winter

Our White Mountain snowshoes are designed to deliver premium winter performance. The lightweight alloy frame and sturdy polyethylene header ensure superior support on snow while keeping your rides light and well-controlled. Resistant to temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius, they are perfect for the most extreme winter conditions.

A Quebec Trusted Brand

Opt for the quality and durability of White Mountain, a renowned Quebec brand. With a quick and secure attachment, these snowshoes are ready to use as soon as you hit the trail. The WM-1035-ROUGE-3D model is your ally for memorable winter adventures. Enjoy winter like never before with snowshoes designed for excellence.

The model  : WM-1035-ROUGE-3D is sold with an extended warranty of  2 years exclusively at for your peace of mind. 



    On Track only:   140-300 pounds=135kg.
     Piste and Off-piste:  140-265 pounds=120kg


35-36 Inch Snowshoes for Men (140 to 300 Pounds) - White Mo

C$169.99 Regular Price
C$114.99Sale Price
  •  On Track only:   140-300 pounds=135kg
     Piste and Off-piste:    140-265 pounds=120kg

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