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Revolutionize Your Snowshoe Hiking with Our Ultra-Comfortable Binding Parts

Discover the Exceptional Comfort of our Snowshoe Attachment: This revolutionary piece gives you a fourth point of support, improving your stability when snowshoeing on a downhill or uphill slope. Redefine your winter hiking experience with unparalleled comfort.

Compatible with several brands and also  on TUBBS and MSR. 


Extended Compatibility: Fitting our new MSR harnesses and many other snowshoe models and brands, this attachment is designed to meet your needs, whatever your preference.


Keeping in Action: The toe strap provides secure foot support when moving on slopes, allowing you to be confident with every step of your winter adventure. Forget excessive stress on your feet and enjoy a perfect fit.


Reliability and Ease of Use: Made from frost-resistant PVC, our fixing parts guarantee exceptional resistance to winter conditions. Adjust them easily and precisely at any time, providing a reliable solution for worry-free hiking.


Universal Adaptability: Suitable for all sizes and styles of shoes, these binding pieces offer perfect customization for your equipment. Express your hiking style while enjoying optimal performance.


Sold in Pair

Color Black

Model: Bout4


Get this revolutionary piece now for an unparalleled snowshoeing experience. Redefine your winter adventure with performance and comfort at the highest level.

Snowshoe Attachment Stopper Improve your comfort - TUBBS MSR

SKU: 1bout2
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