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2 Reinforcement Strips for Repairing Snowshoe Pivots or Platforms

Compatible with all brands of snowshoes


Features :

  • A practical little item to prevent small glitches from ruining your day
  • Super easy and quick installation with few tools needed

These 2 reinforcement strips are designed for the effective repair of snowshoe pivots or platforms. They are compatible with all brands, offering a practical solution to avoid any inconvenience during your winter adventures. Installation is super easy and quick, requiring few tools. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're ready to take on the challenges of the snow with snowshoes in perfect condition.


Width 3/4  thumb (1.9cm) ...

Length 5 inches (12cm)


  • Gray plastic
  • In black polyurethane $5 extra
  • Optional $2.50 Assembly kit including 
  • 1 bolt (1/2 in. length) stainless steel, 1 nuts, 2 washers
  • 1 rivet (1/4 inch) aluminum  +  2 washers




Installation and Instruction Not Included:

For any technical questions, call us at the workshop 514-379-2299 ext. 3.

We also offer an installation service in Laval.

Must be uninstalled AND installed with good tools

Or Do it yourself!

Be sure to install these fixings in accordance with safety standards for the job.

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker


Boots and snowshoes not included


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