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Guide How to Choose the Best

“Find the Best Snowshoe: Your Guide to Snowshoeing Safely”

Discover here all our expert advice for choosing your snowshoes and practicing this sport in complete safety. Here are the 3 essential steps to purchasing your snowshoes.

3 étapes

“Choosing the Right Rackets: How to Estimate Load Capacity”

HAS)identify user weight

B)add to your weight your backpack, clothes, boots and all your equipment

Faire de la raquette a neige l'hiver
randonnée en raquettes à neige

“Choosing the Right Snowshoes: Adapt Them to the Type of Hiking You Are Planning”


Trail type

A) Marked trail

B) Trail + hilly

C) Off trail

D) Mountainous terrain / Alpine

Land type

A)Ptapped snow, groomed snow, compacted snow

B) Deep and powdery snow

             ex:  park, golf course, lakes & undergrowth

C) Half / half

“How to Choose the Best Snowshoe Size for Optimal Flotation and Ergonomics”


Beginner level:is done on a marked trail with hard snow  it is advisable to purchase a recreational snowshoe with a minimum length and width proportional to your weight.


Intermediate level:The recreational and all-terrain snowshoe is designed for expeditions on marked trails and off-trail, its use is for light snow or hard snow.  The racket will sink less with a slightly larger racket. Buy a model with a pivot and with at least 8 studs and also a binding that holds the boot well at 3 points of contact.


Advanced level / Cardio:For great adventurers on escaping and icy marked trails, it is better to choose snowshoes with a rotating pivot and with a minimum of 10 aggressive crampons and also a binding that wraps and holds the boot well.

Example :

A) If you are going off-piste and walking in loose snow and your total weight is 200 lbs,  then you will need 30 inch snowshoes to avoid sinking into the snow and to move more efficiently

B) You are hiking on marked trails either on compacted snow and your total weight is 200 lbs, you will need 25 or 27 inch snowshoes.

When purchasing, it is important to check the after-sales service. We strongly recommend Quebec companies offering quality service and listen to our customers. So, once the snowshoe has found its footing like Cinderella's shoe and you will be happy with your choice established according to criteria of comfort and terrain and it is then time to head towards this beautiful white and calm nature which invites you to spirituality and the conquest of snowy paths previously inaccessible and where no slope seems too steep.


do not forget that there is no bad temperature, there are only poorly equipped people! Dress in onion skins (multi-layered) and bring your walking poles!

comment-choisir-meilleurs-raquettes-a-neige femme-homme-enfant

Characteristics of snowshoes at Simard Sport:First Quality Designed in Quebec or Canada

Our born snowshoesno more than a standard winter boot, warm and waterproof

All harnesses are robust and safe. Quick and very easy to install

All harnesses (bindings) can accept small boots as well as very large ones

Traction with multiple metal studs:  reliable for better grip

Reinforced aluminum frame & anodized 6061 (6000 series)

Robust and rigid TDHE polymer sieve, very light and safe

Binding mounted on a Pivot-Rod which gives you the pleasure of comfort

Optional heel lift (heel lift):

The Climb Hold gives you a better center of gravity for alpine climbs

All sizes available for the whole family

Requires little maintenance

All resistant from -30 to -50 degrees

expert-simard-sport- Characteristics of the best snowshoes for children, women and men. on line sale
expert-simard-sport-The 10 best snowshoes for children, women and men. Special deals on line
positioning of the10  best snowshoes for children, women and men. online sale expert simard sport

Snowshoe Flotation Guide

"For Choosing the Best Suitable Size"

These charts are calculated with rounded numbers.

Optimize Your Performance on Groomed or Fresh Snow with the Right Choice of Snowshoes

When the snow is packed and hard, favor the use of smaller snowshoes for better maneuverability. On the other hand, in the presence of fresh and abundant snow, opt for larger and wider snowshoes, ensuring an optimal experience. Make the perfect choice for every type of snow and enjoy your winter adventures to the fullest.

Very small child 2 to 6 years old

14 inches
· Less than 50 lbs (max 22 kg)

 Children 3 to 9 years old 
16 - 17 inches
· Less than 80 lbs (max 35 kg)


 Child  6 to 13 years old
18 - 19 inches: 
Trail only: 50-100 lb (22 to 44 kg) 
Trail - Off-trail: 50-65 lb (22 to 36 kg)
20 inches:
Trail -Off-trail: Max 100 lb (max 45 kg)
 Adult - Adolescent 
21 - 22 inches: 
Trail - Off-trail: 75 - 160 lb (35 to 70 kg)

  24 - 25 inches
Path only:  100-220 lbs (44 to 100 kg)
Trail - Hors-piste:100 - 170 lb (44 to 77 kg)


  27-29 inches
Trail only: 120-235 lbs (55-106 kg)
Trail - Backcountry: 120 - 200 lb (55 to 90 kg)


  30-31 inches
Trail only: 150-275 lb (68 to 125 kg)
Trail - Off-trail: 150-240 lb (68 to 110 kg)

  34 - 35 inches
 only: 140-300 lb (68 to 135 kg)
Trail-Off-trail: 140-275 lb (68 to 125 kg)

  36 inches
Trail - Off-trail: 150-360 lb (72 to 165 kg)​

"Discover Your Ideal Snowshoe!

Recreational & All Terrain :

  1. Racket with triple fixation, with ratchet or adjustable tension

  2. Minimum 10 moderately aggressive crampons

  3. Robust bindings with adjustable strap, wide & reliable

  4. Lightweight sieve 8 to 9 inches wide

  5. Soft pivot

  6. Front and rear lug traction

  7. Solid & Reliable

  8. Light

4 modèles
the best winter hiking snowshoes for children, women and men online sales Quebec Canada

Off-piste hiking in dense forest: 


  1. Ergonomic racket

  2. Wider at the front and thinner at the back

  3. Rigid and robust platform

  4.  Width of 9 inches minimum

  5. Triple fastening with adjustable, wide and robust strap

  6. Minimum 10 aggressive tips

  7.  Soft pivot 

  8. Light frame & ultra resistant sieve

Mountainous or Hilly Terrain (ALPINE)

  1. Racket with rigid and robust platform

  2. Very aggressive lateral traction bars

  3. Triple fastening with adjustable, wide and robust strap

  4. Rotating and fluid pivot

  5. Climbing wedge almost obligatory

  6. Frame with 9 inches minimum width

  7. Binding that wraps the entire boot

  8. Pointed crampons at the front 

Neige de l'hiver

Snowshoes for physical training


Frame & Light sieve

Safe & Compact

Profile approximately 8 to 9 inches

Very aggressive crampon traction

Flexible pivot in permanent axis

Narrow loop attachment

Fits running shoes

Option; Climbing wedge

BATON-DE-MARCHE-randonne-hiking-simard sport


"Optimize Your Snowshoe Stability with Walking Sticks"

“Are you looking to maximize your outdoor winter experience?

Telescopic walking poles with adapted tips are your essential ally for an adventure on the snow, offering increased stability and intelligent weight distribution which significantly relieves your leg joints, reducing the load by almost 40%.

Not only do these poles improve your comfort during your outing, but they also allow you to explore more and extend your snowshoe hikes without feeling exhausted. The balance they provide on snowy trails is simply remarkable.

As one expert says so well: 'The sticks are sont essential for mastering balance during your winter adventures. The rough terrain of the trails is conquered much better with the help of these poles. And when it comes to descending, these poles become your two extra legs, providing valuable relief and helping you maintain perfect stability. Don't forget to take them with you on your hikes!' Don't let this opportunity to make your winter getaways more enjoyable pass you by. Invest in stability and fun with our quality telescopic walking poles."

les meilleurs raquettes à neige de randonnée et bâtons de marche hivernale pour enfant, femmes et hommes
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