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Easy to install!  Give a second life to your snowshoes and improve your hikes with the "WOODEN FIX" attachment part (left and right).

Easily fit small and very large boots: sizes 5 to 13.5.


Double ratchet fixings combined with new Polypropylene sieve technology improving flexibility, cold resistance and lifespan.


Upgrade Your Winter Adventures with this luxury harness. 


Satisfy your thirst for adventure with thisnew high-end technology harness, more reliable, more comfortable and more efficient than your old bindings. THE“WOODEN FIX” double ratchet fasteners for snowshoes, model that offers you exceptional performance and ease of use. 


Main Features “WOODEN FIX”: 

Quick and Easy Installation: Attach them quickly, ideal for rough terrain.

Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all brands of snowshoes, providing exceptional flexibility.

Advanced Fixation Technology: Equipped with the latest generation of bindings for exceptional performance.

Comfort and Stability: Designed for premium winter performance, these harnesses provide optimal comfort. 

Universal Size: Fits most standard boot sizes (5 to 13.5) for a secure fit.

Powerful Attachment System: Fixing  ultra-efficient and self-locking, guaranteeing secure fixation.

Worry-Free Belts: Easy to put on and take off for a worry-free experience.

Elegant Color: Available in black, these harnesses are resistant up to -40 degrees Celsius.

Rear Harness: with Quick Lock Equipped with quick releases, they easily adapt to most boots, ensuring a secure fit for efficient outdoor hiking.

Practical Heel Strap: Made of high quality nylon, it provides better support and is easy to adjust.

Sold in Pair: Each purchase includes a pair of harnesses, one for the left foot and one for the right foot.

Custom Drilling Options: The harnesses are pre-drilled with 4 holes at 2 inches on center, but you can add more to fit the base of your racket.


Optional Connection Kit:

Opt for our connection kit at $19.99

including 8 stainless steel bolts, 8 nuts and 8 washers

for a complete upgrade.




The effectiveness of the ratchet attachment system, commonly called "ratchet", on snowshoes, skates, ski and snowboard boots is undeniable. This ingenious mechanism provides a superior level of safety and stability, significantly improving the user experience in harsh winter conditions. 


Snowshoes equipped with the ratchet attachment system offer unparalleled ease of use. With adjustable straps and a strong ratchet mechanism, users can quickly and easily secure their feet securely and comfortably. This allows rapid adaptation to changing terrain conditions, providing valuable flexibility when exploring varied terrain.


As for the skates, the ratchet attachment system ensures a firm attachment, allowing skaters to enjoy a worry-free sliding experience. Ski and snowboard boots also benefit from this system, giving winter sports enthusiasts added confidence on fast descents or in difficult terrain. 


One of the key advantages of this system is its robustness. The ratchets are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in extremely low temperatures. Additionally, the ease of adjustment allows users to customize their binding based on their individual preferences, contributing to a more personalized and comfortable experience. 


In conclusion, the ratchet attachment system on snowshoes, skates, ski boots and snowboards represents a significant advance in the field of winter equipment. Its ease of use, robustness and ability to provide secure fixation make it an essential choice for those looking to maximize their enjoyment and performance in demanding winter conditions.


Note: Crampons, boots and snowshoes are not included. Get ready for stress-free winter adventures with our exceptional quality harnesses.


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C$89.95 Regular Price
C$69.95Sale Price
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