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1 Small Replacement Notched Strap for Attaching TUBBS, LG, Coldflex and Other Brands Snowshoes.

This strap can be cut to size for a perfect fit. 


Features :

  • 1 notched strap with small notched notches for secure attachment.
  • Clip material: flexible HPDE polypropylene.

This notched band is designed as a replacement part for snowshoe bindings from the TUBBS, LG, Coldflex and other brands. You can cut it to the desired length to ensure a precise fit to your snowshoes. The notched strap, with its small serrated notches, offers a solid and reliable fixation. Made from flexible HPDE polypropylene, it guarantees both the durability and flexibility necessary for optimal use. Add this notched band to your equipment to ensure safety and performance during your winter adventures.


Belt sizes:

Width 8" (20mm) x0.6 inch

Hole: 1/4 inch


$2.50 option Assembly Kit Including:

A) 1 original tubular rivet and 1 stainless steel washer (installation by professionals)


B) 1 bolt (1/2 in), 1 nut, 1 washer (installation by yourself)


Model: courr-tub


Boots, clips and snowshoes not included


Installation and Instruction Not Included:

For any technical questions, call us at the workshop 514-379-2299 ext. 3.

We also offer an installation service in Laval.

Must be uninstalled & installed with good tools

Or Do it yourself!

Be sure to install these fixings in accordance with safety standards for the job.

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker


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