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2024 Buying guide for the 10 Best Quebec and Canadian Snowshoe Brands!

Updated: Jan 5

Are you looking for a pair of snowshoes to improve your winter hikes? Well here are the 10 best brands of snowshoes in Quebec or Canada, you are in the right place to find out more in this 2024 buying guide.

Here are the 3 best brands of snowshoes: WHITE MOUNTAIN - CANYON - YANES

Quebec and Canada are renowned for their harsh winters, and Canadian and Quebec snowshoe brands are recognized for their exceptional quality. Over the past 20 years, we have repaired and tested dozens of brands of snowshoes, the best of which are in our current range for sale. Our testers spent hours and kilometers blazing powder trails in the Rockies in Alberta, riding groomed trails in the Laurentians and approaching alpine objectives in Whistler, British Columbia. Whatever the conditions, we We've put these snowshoes through their paces to give you an honest review of how they perform in real life. Here are some of the best brands you should know:

1. Canyon (Laval, Quebec):

CANYON is an exceptional brand and ranked first in Quebec. CANYON specializes in the sale of premium snowshoes for men, women and children. Their snowshoes are proven throughout the Nordic countries and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding outdoor hikers.

Sold with an exceptional guarantee 3 years and unparalleled after-sales service. Leave without worries, they won't let you down.

This Energetik model from CANYON is designed to last a long time and offer 4-point comfort for exceptional performance.

2. WHITE MOUNTAIN (Beauce, Quebec):

WHITE MOUNTAIN is a company based in Beauce, Quebec, specializing in the manufacturing of snowshoes of exceptional quality. Their products are primarily aimed at winter hiking for beginners and intermediate hikers. The ÉVOLUTIVE -REVOTEK models from WHITE MOUNTAIN are manufactured with a climbing wedge to reduce physical effort. The climbing wedges allow you to tilt the snowshoes slightly, which lifts the heels relative to the toes. This creates a more natural position for the foot when climbing, reducing fatigue and strain on the calf and lower leg muscles. You save energy and can climb steeper slopes more easily.

3. YANES(Quebec/Ontario)

YANES is a Franco-Ontarian brand recognized for its premium outdoor equipment, including its Quebec division of snowshoes, sleeping bags or its Canadian division with its camping tents and much more. Their reputation is based on reliable and durable products. Its slimmed-down shape on the back of the snowshoe reduces drag, allowing users to walk easier and smoother, especially beneficial on long snowshoe hikes, because less effort to move forward.

4. LOUIS GARNEAU (Quebec Canada)

LOUIS GARNEAU is the integrity of an ideology that inspires each member of the team on a daily basis. What makes Louis Garneau different is the perfect union between technology, passion, performance and maximum comfort. This WOODLAND snowshoe is specially designed for winter hiking enthusiasts wishing to improve their physical condition while exploring the backcountry or nearby trails.

5. GV Snowshoes (Quebec, Canada):

GV Snowshoes is a well-established Quebec brand that manufactures a variety of snowshoes suitable for different types of terrain and activities. Their products are renowned for their quality and durability. One of our best sellers, these racquets offer good quality and value for intermediate users. The geometry of the snowshoes promotes pleasant recreational use during the ascent.

6. Atlas (British Columbia, Canada):

Although Atlas is based in British Columbia, it is a Canadian brand well known for its high quality snowshoes. Their expertise and reputation speak for themselves.

FABER is a long-standing Canadian brand that focuses on the durability
FABER is a long-standing Canadian brand that focuses on the durability and performance

7. FABER (QUEBEC, Canada):

FABER is a long-standing Canadian brand that focuses on the durability and performance of its racquets. Their commitment to quality has made them a reliable choice for winter adventurers.

8. BANFF TRAIL (Laval, Canada) Manufacturer, distributor and designer of snowshoes and sale of replacement parts

9. TUBBS (Ontario, Canada):TUBBS is a Canadian company that manufactures a variety of snowshoes, from classic wooden models to newer designs. Although it was purchased by K2 Sports, its commitment to quality remains.

10. NORTHERN LITES (Ontario, Canada): NORTHERN LITESis a Canadian company based in Ontario, specializing in the manufacturing of lightweight snowshoes, primarily intended for snowshoe racing. Their innovative design sets them apart in the market.

Now that you know these renowned brands, you can explore their ranges of snowshoes for men, women and children to find the one that best suits your needs. Enjoy Canadian quality for your winter adventures!

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Guides to the best brands of Quebec or Canadian snowshoes sold on the market and online store
The best brands of Quebec snowshoes

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