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Exposing Unfair Practices: Waste and Obsolescence in the World of Snowshoes

Refuse waste and obsolescence. Opt for durable, proven, and first-class snowshoes.
Manufacturers who only think about their profits

Enough is enough! Say no to waste and obsolescence, even in the world of best snowshoeing.

It's time to shine the spotlight on a disconcerting reality: most snowshoe manufacturers contribute to waste and planned obsolescence, especially those who are not specialized in this equipment. Some favor the production of goods intended to be thrown away rather than to last. A troubling observation, but at Simard Sport, we are determined to continue to change this situation.

The Troubling Game of Planned Obsolescence:

Planned obsolescence, a practice aimed at reducing the useful life of objects sold, is unfortunately commonplace. Often orchestrated for the sole purpose of increasing profits, it manifests itself in short-lived 90-day warranties, unobtainable parts and exorbitant repair costs. It is not uncommon to have to deal with paid diagnostics, costly repairs or the forced purchase of replacement goods on products with a lifetime warranty.

Disconcerting Scenarios:

It is very likely that you have already been faced with one of these situations:

  1. Inability to obtain manufacturer customer service by telephone or email during or after the warranty period.

  2. Inability to obtain parts during and after warranty.

  3. The cost of repairing your equipment is almost the price of a new product.

  4. You are forced to ship your device halfway around the world, for exorbitant fees, in the uncertain hope that it will be repaired.

Simard Sport: An Ethical and Sustainable Alternative:

At Simard Sport, we have chosen to break with these unfair practices. Our products are evaluated according to rigorous criteria, obtaining a first ranking. We are committed to offering ethical snowshoes, rated according to

  1. accessibility of spare parts

  2. product repairability

  3. its long-term reliability

  4. the quality of materials to ensure its durability

Simard Sport Expert Snowshoes: For a Responsible Future

Choose Simard Sport, the true specialist, the one and only in Canada, where each product is an act in favor of a responsible future. With us, benefit from durable equipment, accessibility to spare parts and foolproof reliability. Opt for a responsible alternative and prepare with us to face winter adventures with complete confidence, without compromise.

Simard Sport, the one and only repairer and seller of parts for all brands of snowshoes, we know how to recognize their weaknesses and the short lifespans of each.

Therefore, get only tried and tested snowshoes from us, thus ranking them in first class.

"Choose now durable and proven snowshoes from the biggest Quebec and Canadian brands"

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