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How to Revitalize Your Old Snowshoes with New Bindings: Repairing MSR - ATLAS - GV - TUBBS

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

At Simard Sport, we are your dedicated repair center, specializing in binding repairs and revitalizing winter gear. Our commitment to snowshoe innovation and repair extends to traditional babiche snowshoes and those from esteemed brands such as MSR, ATLAS, GV, TUBBS, and more. We take pride in breathing new life into your old snowshoes with our state-of-the-art bindings.

With almost 50 years of experience in the dynamic world of snowshoeing, we have remained at the forefront of its evolution. Our journey, marked by a passion for winter hikes, has seen us evolve from retailers to designers and distributors, solidifying our position as a trusted name in the industry.

In a changing landscape, we are dedicated to preserving tradition. Our mission is to not only repair and innovate but also to uphold the rich heritage of snowshoeing. At Simard Sport, we continue to be your reliable partner, ensuring that your winter adventures are supported by top-notch gear and a commitment to excellence.

In an era where after-sales service is windling, Simard Sport stands firm in preserving expertise. Our commitment extends to the meticulous repair and modernization of your old snowshoes. Whether they boast traditional babiche and wood or feature aluminum construction, we're dedicated to breathing new life into them, including popular brands like MSR, ATLAS, GV, TUBBS.

Promoting Sustainability, One Binding at a Time

Our mission goes beyond just upgrading your snowshoes; we strive to foster a more sustainable environment. By providing exceptional new bindings and easily accessible spare parts for MSR, ATLAS, GV, TUBBS, and other leading brands, we empower you to extend the life of your gear effortlessly.

Join us at Simard Sport as we continue to redefine the snowshoeing experience, combining tradition with innovation for a more sustainable and enjoyable winter adventure.

How to Revitalize Your Old Snowshoes with New Bindings / rackets snow
How to Revitalize Your Old Snowshoes with New Bindings

-We also strive to improve older snowshoe models without requiring you to invest in new pairs, all thanks to our unwavering passion for snowshoeing. We are here to help you restore your old snowshoes and make them like new, using innovative binding components that will revolutionize them and turn your upcoming winter hikes into highly enjoyable experiences.

-As designers and sellers, we take pride in actively participating in the constant evolution of the snowshoe world by giving a second life to these pieces of equipment. It's important to note that aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material, thus contributing to preserving our planet.

-Allow us to accompany you in fully enjoying this chilly season and discovering the splendor of winter through an exciting activity for the whole family. With just a few basic tools, replacing the bindings on your snowshoes can greatly improve their performance and extend their lifespan.

We take pride in assisting you to rejuvenate your old snowshoes with our new bindings, whether they are traditional babiche snowshoes or from more recent brands like MSR - ATLAS - GV - TUBBS, and many others
How to Revitalize Your Old Snowshoes with New Bindings: MSR - ATLAS - GV - TUBBS

xtend their lifespan by giving them a second lease on life with new bindings snowshoes - rackets snow
Extend their lifespan by giving them a second youth with the new bindings snowshoes

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