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Mission & Values

Welcome to Simard 
Expert in Snowshoeing and Accessories
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A Company Like No Other!

 On always gives you more for your money with our unbeatable prices and guarantees! 

Man - woman - Adolescent - Child

That you areat Quebec or elsewhere in Canada, we are here to meet your needs.

 During  and  After your Online Purchases! 

Simard Sport .com positions itself first as as an expert in the field of snowshoeing

 We sell and recommend Quebec and Canadian snowshoes, as well as hiking accessories

We are the only seller specializing in the sale and installation of snowshoe parts for all brands.

Fully Specialized and Passionate about snowshoeing, from A to Z, it makes all the difference to customers. Did you know that by choosing Quebec and Canadian snowshoes from, you are encouraging the creation of quality jobs.

Online store "Don't pay for a beautiful store"  With our online store find what you needeverything under the same roof: snowshoes, equipment and accessories for men, women, juniors and children, without forgetting our great advisory service and our exceptional blog magazine with its tips and tricks. We only offer premium, durable products with warranties that can be honored through parts availability. 
Our engagement, As an Expert in snowshoe sports, it is important to always provide honest information and quality, long-lasting products to our customers. Every day we focus on three essential aspects of retail:  1) Customer Experience/Advisory Service.  2) Pricing, promotion and inventory management strategies. 3) Fast shipping. 4) Guarantee

Unique in Canada!  We are proud to offer you access to the major Quebec and Canadian brands that shape the world of snowshoeing. The quality of our products is guaranteed by renowned brands, ensuring exceptional performance in all conditions. Choosing our store means choosing excellence in winter outdoor equipment. 

Snowshoe Designer, As experienced runners and hikers in this field, we are passionate about our profession. We design and use our own standards of "exceptional quality and worry-free" snowshoe products which gives us great confidence in our creations!

Advice service, Our telephone advisory service aims to guide you towards personalized and effective solutions.

The Warehouse: “No longer pay for a beautiful store” A transition which has led to a significant drop in our prices: In our field, in order to adapt to the new purchasing habits of our customers (90% online 10% in store), we have rethought our commercial approach by adopting the e-commerce model. In the spirit of "Don't pay anymore for a beautiful store" we have reduced the sales area to the public, thus favoring the expansion of our warehouse space. Our distribution center exclusively dedicated to shipping across Canada ensures optimal availability of the best snowshoes and the most efficient products. All offered at exceptionally competitive prices, reflecting our commitment to a beneficial shopping experience for our customers. Sales to the public are now made from the express counter directly in the workshop in Laval

Comptoir-Express / Garage-Workshop, In this new location, we offer you a selection of the best snowshoes and high-performance equipment. “Don’t pay anymore for a nice store.” Our establishment also houses the repair workshop, dedicated to the maintenance and customization of your equipment. Sales to the public are now made via the express counter located directly in the workshop in Laval.

Exceptional Guarantee at Simard Sport: Unlike most snowshoe brands which only offer a 3-month warranty, Simard Sport offers, for most of our snowshoes, an exceptional 24 or 36-month warranty, as well as sometimes limited warranties for life.

Our missionis to offer you much more for your money, through lower prices than Amazon, improved warranties, and long-term after-sales service. With us, customer satisfaction means exceptional financial benefits. This pricing excellence stems from our skills and expertise forged over the last 20 years. 

Environmentally friendly, is Canada's first and largest online retailer of original equipment and replacement parts. Every year, we support thousands of Canadian customers in the maintenance, improvement, extension and independent repair of their snowshoes, while prioritizing a positive environmental impact that reduces premature waste. 

Help the Community, Simard Sport created the Facebook group “Les Passionnés de la Randonnée en Snowshoes”, thus establishing a space dedicated to lovers of winter nature. Members of this group have the opportunity to exchange advice, stories, share photos, discuss, and create snowshoe hikes in collaboration with other enthusiasts. 
More Than a Company, At Simard Sport, we have a deep mission: to support families in need, such as people with Down syndrome. Our greatest desire is to help as many people as possible on our path.  ;
Choose our store SimardSport.comis to discover everything under one roof. It means investing in products where long-lasting quality rhymes with economy. is entirely dedicated to meeting your needs with exceptional quality at unrivaled prices with local companies and products.       
Happy hiking!            
Céline Simard                      

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