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Discover the Best Multifunctional Snowshoe 25 x 8 Inches for women and men.

Unrivaled Quality 25 Inch Snowshoes: Efficiency and Durability in the Spotlight

Our 25 x 8 inch Multifunctional Snowshoe, synonymous with durability and uncompromising quality. Equipped with a brand new flexible REVOTECH nylon harness, this racket ensures easy adjustment, ultimate comfort and optimal efficiency.

Immerse yourself in the world of the best snowshoes with our EVOLUTIVE / REVOTECH model from WHITE MOUNTAIN, classifying this snowshoe as "anti-stress" thanks to its comfort and ease of execution which puts at your disposal multifunctional adventures back -country, on flat or sloping trails, thanks to its heel enhancer (climb wedge).



Performance : Multifunctional

Design :Quebecoise

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size: 25x8 inches


Stability:Pivot and Climbing wedge 

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Robust Grade 6061 aluminum

Fixation : Revotech technology

Light weight: 925 g (x 2)



Transport bag : Durable nylon



Track only:        100-220 lb(44 to 100 kg) 

On-piste and off-piste:    100 - 170 lbs(44 to 77 kg) 

Off-road only: 100-150 lb (44 to 68 kg) 


Winter Hiking Made Easy

For winter hiking enthusiasts, our lightweight snowshoes are the ideal companion for all types of trails. The integrated climbing wedge helps preserve your energy, whether you tackle low or steep climbs.

Adaptability to All Terrains

Our snowshoes are versatile, suitable for all types of terrain: groomed, off-piste, flat, hilly and mountainous. You can choose from three levels, whatever your skills: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Luxury Harness and Cutting-edge Technology

The soft harness ensures pain-free comfort, while Revotech technology guarantees all-wheel traction for exceptional performance.

Durability and Optimal Comfort

Built for top-notch performance, our racquets offer maximum durability. The binding ensures optimal comfort and a perfect fit, while the heel riser (climb wedge) and full pivot system allow you to explore new routes.

Essential Features

  • Robust polyethylene (HDPE) platform for maximum grip on snow.
  • “EASY-FIX” fastening for easy positioning of your boot.
  • Lightweight, strong 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frames.
  • Heel cup for better traction and less fatigue on steep terrain.
  • Fully floating pivot system to explore new routes.

Ready for Extreme Conditions

Our snowshoes are resistant to temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Choose between green or gray colors to match your style.

White Mountain Brand - Model WM-925-ROVETEK-TU

Order now and benefit from 2 year extended warranty, exclusively available at Don't wait for winter to stop you. Embark on unforgettable winter adventures with our premium snowshoes.

Robust weight: 925g  x2


C$159.99 Regular Price
C$99.99Sale Price
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