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Pair of universal bindings, left and right parts with "RAPID FIX" double ratchet technology, for snowshoes, allowing quick installation even with mittens, suitable for women, men and adolescents. ; 


"RAPID FIX", is easy to install and remove, these bindings have a comfortable and efficient double "ratchet" attachment system, including a stopper at the end of the boot, designed to adapt to all small or medium hiking boots (see image). 


Adjustable unisex size model: up to 8.5 for men and 2 to 10.5 for women. 

They fit all snowshoes with insertion at 2 inches center, distance i.e. center distance: see image #6 and #7.


Characteristics of “RAPID FIX” bindings:

  • Includes a left side and a right side
  • Robust and efficient
  • Belt attachment technology with “RAPID FIX” ratchet button
  • Resistant up to -40 degrees
  • Color: black

If necessary, replacement harnesses are available and are sold in pairs: 1 left side and 1 right side. The fixings are made from quality materials, including HPDE polypropylene, and have 2 pre-drilled holes for secure fixing (2 inch center distance).





Optional $9.99 (Sold Separately):

Set of 2 bolts, 2 self-locking nuts, and 2 washers


Installation and instruction not included: 

Do it yourself, otherwise we can install them for you.

For technical advice call 514-379-2299 (workshop) 

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker. 

Caution: Must be uninstalled and installed with skill in handling good, compliant tools, and all while respecting the safety standards for this work. 


The effectiveness of the ratchet attachment system, commonly called "ratchet", on snowshoes, skates, ski and snowboard boots is undeniable. This ingenious mechanism provides a superior level of safety and stability, significantly improving the user experience in harsh winter conditions. 

Snowshoes equipped with the ratchet attachment system offer unparalleled ease of use. With adjustable straps and a strong ratchet mechanism, users can quickly and easily secure their feet securely and comfortably. This allows rapid adaptation to changing terrain conditions, providing valuable flexibility when exploring varied terrain. 

As for the skates, the ratchet attachment system ensures a firm attachment, allowing skaters to enjoy a worry-free sliding experience. Ski and snowboard boots also benefit from this system, providing winter sports enthusiasts with added confidence on fast descents or in difficult terrain. 

One of the key advantages of this system is its robustness. The ratchets are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in extremely low temperatures. Additionally, the ease of adjustment allows users to customize their binding based on their individual preferences, contributing to a more personalized and comfortable experience. 

In conclusion, the ratchet attachment system on snowshoes, skates, ski boots and snowboards represents a significant advance in the field of winter equipment. Its ease of use, robustness and ability to provide secure fixation make it an essential choice for those looking to maximize their enjoyment and performance in demanding winter conditions. 


Boots and snowshoes not included

Not compatible with European brand rackets, neither TLS, nor  M.R.S.


C$59.99 Regular Price
C$39.99Sale Price
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