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30 Inch All-Terrain Snowshoes for Women Includes 1 Carrying Bag and 2 4 Season Hiking Poles

Discover snowshoes designed to tackle all types of terrain. With a length of 30 inches, they are suitable for both men and women. The kit includes a carrying bag and 2 4-season hiking poles for an unforgettable winter adventure.

Weight Specifications:

  • Suitable for people weighing 130 to 240 pounds (approximately 110 kg).
  • Lightweight aluminum rackets for ease of movement.
  • Comfort Pivot for effortless walking.
  • Double buckle fastening for optimal comfort and precise fit.

Flotation Charter:

  • On Trail Only: Suitable for people weighing 130 to 240 pounds (approximately 110 kg).
  • Piste - Off-Piste: Suitable for people weighing 130 to 225 pounds (approximately 100 kg).
  • Off-Piste Only: Suitable for people weighing 130 to 200 pounds (approximately 90 kg).

Top-notch Winter Performance Quick and Easy Double Ratchet Fixings

These snowshoes are designed to provide an exceptional hiking experience. Dual ratchet fasteners allow you to attach and remove them in the blink of an eye. Additionally, a carrying bag is included for maximum convenience.

Durability and Lightness Robust Aluminum Alloy and Polyethylene Frame

These hiking snowshoes are made with a lightweight 6061-T6 alloy frame and sturdy polyethylene decks, providing superior support on snow while keeping your steps light and controlled. Tackle steep terrain with confidence thanks to the integrated heel lifts and fully floating pivot system, which prevents snow from accumulating in your shoes and reduces leg fatigue.

Product Features :

  • Robust polyethylene (HDPE) decks for maximum grip on snow.
  • Quick and secure double ratchet fixing system.
  • Robust and indestructible pivot system.

Superior Quality and Lightness Sturdy and Durable Aluminum Frame

These 30 inch snowshoes are made of high quality polyethylene and feature a sturdy aluminum frame. They are renowned for their durability, resistance to breakage and long lifespan. The lightweight aluminum frame guarantees comfortable walking.

Quick Release Belt Buckle High Reliability Professional Manufacturing

The snowshoes are equipped with a quick-release belt buckle at the heel, ensuring a firm fixation of your foot. Their professional manufacturing guarantees resistance to wear, low temperatures and aging.

Brand: Furein

Model: 30STK

Weight: 888g x 2

These Furein snowshoes are the perfect accessory for flexible and exciting hikes in the snow. Choose premium quality and durability for your winter adventures. Enjoy effortless walking on all types of terrain with these lightweight, high-performance snowshoes.

5 in 1 Ultra Lightweight 30 Inch Snowshoe Set - For Women

SKU: kit30stk
C$199.99 Regular Price
C$99.99Sale Price
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