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New SimardSport attachment system including six six-button straps (left-right) which install on the two pre-existing fixing bases of all pairs of snowshoes.

Compatible repair parts for Outbound snowshoes: left and right.

New mounting attachment system compatible for OUTBOUND, MSR or other brands

6 Replacement Straps to Upgrade Your Snowshoe Harnesses

These 6 attachments designed to modify and improve your snowshoe harness.

Includes: 4 toothed straps + 4 ratchet buttons + 2 heel straps + 2 self-locking buttons

Binding OUTBOUND or MSR Snowshoes parts replacement 

Improve your comfort

Easier and quicker to install

More efficient, robust and durable  

Give your snowshoes a second life;

No more fighting with your holey ties!

Reliable ratchet system technology

Super easy, quick and pleasant to put on and take off;


Super efficient attachment system "easy clips"

3 sizes: for all small or very large boots

Adjustable size for adults or adolescents;

Fits 100% on all MSR snowshoe binding bases

Robust and safe

Irreversible modification


Foot strap:

Notched in high density thermo polyethylene (HDPE), ultra durable & super durable


Heel strap:

Material : 100% high quality nylon

Size: Thickness 1/8  po x  Width 1 inch

Easy-to-use clamping mechanism with its  nylon strap and a wide TPE heel for better support and above all solidity

Molds perfectly to your boot.


Brand: Simard Sport

Color black

Resistant up to -40 degrees



Shoe size:

Standard Unisex: Size 5 to 9

XLarge Unisex: 7 to 14: extra $9.99


  • Option available for $19.99:

Including 12 stainless steel bolts (screws), 12 self-locking nuts and 12 washers.

Opt for this connection kit for an effective replacement of your rivets. Installing the bolts can be done easily with a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Installs in exactly the same holes of your old fasteners. 


Installation and instruction not included: 

Do it yourself! Otherwise we can install them for you

For technical advice call 514-379-2299 (workshop) 

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker. 

Caution: Must be uninstalled and installed with skill in handling good compliant tools, and all while respecting the safety standards for this work for this type of work. 


Binding bases, boots and snowshoes not included

Replacement parts for rackets bindings Harness for Outbound snowshoes

C$79.99 Regular Price
C$59.99Sale Price
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