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Explore the all-new SimardSport attachment system, an exceptional innovation comprising six six-button straps (three on each side) specially designed to easily fit over the pre-existing bases of all pairs of snowshoes 100% compatible with MSR. See all 10 images.


During your outdoor hikes, the installation is remarkably simple, allowing quick installation even with gloves or mittens. Take advantage of the optimal efficiency of our product, guaranteeing a secure and reliable fixation for an unparalleled snowshoeing experience. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments in the snow with SimardSport.


Satisfy your thirst for adventure with this new, reliable and comfortable harness. 

Leave with peace of mind!


Product Description :

Optimize your snowshoeing experience with our brand new 6 harness attachment system designed for left and right MSR snowshoes. These 6 new straps are compatible with all of the following MSR binding bases: EVO, DENALI, LIGHTNING, ASCENT, TRAIL, REVO, EXPLORE, TYKER and AXIS.


This ingenious mechanism provides a higher level of security and stability. 

One of the key advantages of this system is its robustness. Ratchet technology is designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in extremely low temperatures. Additionally, the ease of adjustment allows users to customize their binding based on their individual preferences, contributing to a more personalized and comfortable experience. 



-Renovate your snowshoes: Replace your old straps with these 6 new clips to improve the fixation of your MSR snowshoes. They install in exactly the same holes as your old MSR fasteners and locks. 

-Together : This set includes 4 toothed straps and 2 heel straps, as well as 4 ratchet buttons for a strong and secure attachment. 

-Improved Comfort: Enjoy increased comfort thanks to this more efficient, robust and durable fixing system. 

-Second Life for Your Snowshoes: Give your MSR snowshoes a new lease of life and say goodbye to worn and problematic attachments. 

-Reliable Ratchet System Technology: Ratchet knobs provide reliable technology for quick and easy adjustment. 

-Perfect Attachment System: Easy-clips make putting your rackets on and taking them off super easy, quick and enjoyable. 

-Adjustable Size: The clips are adjustable to fit 100% of MSR snowshoe binding bases. 

-Robust and Safe: Made of high-quality materials, these tie-downs are sturdy and secure for your outdoor adventures. 

-2 Ratchet Buttons +2 Front Toothed Toothed Belts: Made of high density, ultra durable and super resistant thermo polyethylene (HDPE). 

-2 Heel Straps and 2 High Quality Buttons: High quality nylon material with easy to use tightening mechanism, supported by a wide TPE heel cup for added support and strength. 


Facility : Extremely simple and fast 

Not included : Fixing base and metal plate


-Brand : Banff Trail

-Color : Black


Resistant up to -40 degrees: These fasteners are designed to withstand colder conditions than the originals.

Model : msr-6cour


  • Option available for $19.99:

Including 12 stainless steel bolts (screws), 12 self-locking nuts and 12 washers.

Opt for this connection kit for an effective replacement of your rivets. Installing the bolts can be done easily with a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Installs in the exact same holes of your old MSR fasteners. 


Don't let worn fasteners spoil your snowshoeing fun. Opt for our new system of 6 MSR harness clips, a solid and reliable replacement part. Order now and get ready for worry-free winter adventures.


Installation and instruction not included: 

Do it yourself !

For technical advice call 514-379-2299 (workshop) 

And if distance separates us, ask your sports shoemaker. 

Caution: Must be uninstalled and installed with skill in handling good compliant tools, and all while respecting the safety standards for this work for this type of work. 


Please note that crampons, binding bases, boots and snowshoes are not included. 

6in1 Attachment Straps 100% MSR Snowshoe Harness Replacement Parts

C$79.95 Regular Price
C$59.95Sale Price
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