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6-in-1 = 2 long-lasting universal belts + 4 pieces “TRIPLE-FLEX”.


These two straps fit all brands of snowshoes, providing a versatile and more durable solution than MSR, TUBBS, ATLAS, and 100% compatible with all other brands. 


Explore innovation with our Replacement Strap"TRIPLE FLEX". 

Two lengths available and sold in pairs: 16 or 19 inches. 


Ideal for snowshoe bindings, these high-quality replacement parts are exclusively designed by Simard Sport. 


Exceptional features of“TRIPLE FLEX” : 

6-in-1 versatility: Includes 6 pieces (2 heel pieces, 2 locks, 2 straps)

which meet three essential needs by providing reliable, durable and comfortable fixation. 


  • Premium Design: Made with premium materials, this piece of snowshoe ensures durability and exceptional performance.
  • Exclusive to Simard Sport: This innovative strap is only available from Simard Sport, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Opt for the difference by choosing the Simard Sport Binding Strap and push the limits of your snowshoeing experience.

With a super flexible length of 16 or 19 inches, each strap is equipped with a locking bar and an anti-slip heel cup, making it the ideal solution for all brands of snowshoes, including MSR, TUBBS, GV , ATLAS, McKINLEY, Outbound, and many others.

Characteristics of our 2 “TRIPLE FLEX” straps from SIMARDSPORT:

  • Hyper flexible and durable: Our polyurethane belt offers unparalleled flexibility compared to the MSR brand.
  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly fits all brands of snowshoes, a convenient option for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Premium Materials: Ensure long durability and reliable performance.

  • Two Models Available:

  • 16 inches  

  •  19 inches(extra$5) 

Don't Let Nothing Stop You. Opt for Simard Sport Quality!


2 Options: $5/$10 Assembly kit:   

-2 tubular aluminum rivets + 2 washers (installation by a professional) at $5

-2 stainless steel bolts (1/2 in. length), 2 nylon lock nuts, 2 washers (easy to install by yourself) at $10


Don't let a faulty belt ruin your snowshoeing adventure. Opt for our "TRIPLE FLEX" Soft Replacement Belt and set off on an adventure with complete confidence. Order now for a hassle-free outdoor experience. 




Installation not included:

Needs to be uninstalled and installed with good tools

Do it yourself !  Otherwise we can install it for you.


We also offer an installation service.

 And if distance separates us, buy online and ask your shoemaker for installation


Boots and Snowshoes Not Included with this purchase. 

6in1 Set - Universal Snowshoe Strap and MSR Replacement Part

C$39.99 Regular Price
C$24.99Sale Price
  • Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning your snowshoes.

    Before storing them in their protective cover, it is important to let them air dry and wipe them with a cloth. 

    Clean them carefully if they have been in contact with calcium.

    Clean, oil or wax metal crampons to minimize snow adhesion, especially in warm weather.

    From time to time, check the screws, bolts and straps for a little prodding with a screwdriver or wrench.

    Snowshoes must be stored in an appropriate location. In summer, never store them in a place that is too hot, such as a shed or an attic (loft) above 30 degrees.

    When hiking, always take a piece of rope with you to temporarily repair a faulty binding.

    Happy hiking!

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