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Dirt trekking pole baskets provide additional support to prevent poles from sinking too deeply into soft ground.

Baskets - Extremely durable replacement tips for hiking poles.  


Providing stability for all types of hiking and forest walking.  

Easy to install: installation by screwing only. Simplicity, practicality, and ready for action in no time!

Universal: fits 99% of trekking, walking or hiking poles. Essential accessory for trekking poles for outdoor activities and hiking. 


Design #2:

The trekking pole washer is made of  high quality thermoplastic, which has good toughness. It is light and durable, elegant in shape and long in service life. The increased contact area with soil or mud  can prevent your back from bending and have better body ergonomics.


Brand: White Mountain

Material: Thermoplastic

Model Desing2

Sold: 2 pairs (4 pieces) $10

White Mountain Tips Washers for Hiking Poles Replacement Basket

SKU: desing2
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