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This fall, explore beautiful trails to prepare for your future winter hikes with shoeshoes!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

This fall, explore beautiful trails to prepare for your future winter hikes on the most beautiful hiking trails in Quebec

Summer is over, giving way to the vibrant color palette of fall. It's the perfect time to explore Quebec's hiking trails and prepare yourself for future winter hikes. Quebec's trails are full of natural wonders, and autumn dresses them in warm, shimmering tones.

Take advantage of this shoulder season to reconnect with nature, improve your physical condition and discover new routes. Here are some reasons why fall exploration is crucial to your winter adventures:

1. Physical preparation:Hiking in autumn allows you to maintain your physical fitness in preparation for winter. This is a perfect opportunity to work on your endurance and strength while enjoying the fall colors.

2. Trail Reconnaissance:By exploring the trails now, you become familiar with the routes you plan to travel in winter. You will be better prepared to face the challenges that the cold season can present.

3. Equipment and Clothing:Test your equipment and clothing to ensure they are suitable for colder conditions. It is easier to resolve fit or operational issues before winter.

4. Wildlife observation:Autumn is migration season for many species of birds and mammals. Explore the trails for the chance to see wild animals in their natural environment.

5. Moments of relaxation:The beauty of autumn creates a soothing and inspiring atmosphere. Take advantage of the peace of nature to recharge your batteries mentally and emotionally.

Whether you like the coastal trails of Gaspésie, the mountainous panoramas of the Laurentians, or the lush forests of Estrie, Quebec offers a variety of destinations to explore. So, put on your hiking shoes, grab your backpack, and set off to discover these natural treasures. You will prepare yourself for exciting winter hikes, while enjoying the splendors of the Quebec autumn.


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