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Medium tips

Extremely durable replacement basket for hiking poles.  

Providing stability for all types of hiking and walking.  

Easy to install: One-click push-on installation. 

Universal size that fits most brands of standard trekking hiking poles. 


Design #4:

The wear-resistant non-slip rubber protective sleeve is made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber, which has a cushioning effect on the tip of the hiking pole. Practical, please check the picture for the specific average size. The unique boot-shaped design, with an oblique opening, so that people can easily move forward when using. The engraving on the bottom increases the grip with the ground, and there is less chance of slipping. sliding on flat or rocky surfaces. There is a metal washer in the rubber head to prevent the trekking pole from piercing the rubber of the tip.


Materials; Rubber

Model:     desing4

Sold in pairs

Brand: White Mountain


White Mountain Medium Tips for Hard Terrain Walking and Hiking Poles

SKU: desing4
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