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Explore All Trails Lightly and Safely. 

High-end Snowshoes Made in Quebec. 

YANES: Your Trusted Brand for Outdoor Activities. 

Lifetime Durability in One Pair of Snowshoes. 

Exceptional All-Terrain Snowshoes with New Soft Harness. 

Double Buckle Anti-Freeze Fastening for Optimal Comfort and Perfect Fit. 

30 Inch Ergonomic Snowshoes for Everyone.



Performance : All Terrain

Design : Quebecois

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size:30x9 inches

Shape : Ergonomic

Traction: 14 crampons

Stability:Rotary pivot

Platform : Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Ultra Robust Aluminum

Fixation : Rapid Fastering Technology

Shoe size: Universal

Lightweight: 979g (x2)

Brand : YANES


Transport bag : Durable nylon

2 Sticks Nordic: 4 seasons


Flotation charter
On Track only: 100-250 pounds = 115kg.
Track - Off-piste: 100-225 pounds = 100kg
Off-Piste Only: 100-180 pounds = 85 kg


The Yanes Advanced Series: The New Standard for Trail and Countryside Adventure.

With Technical Characteristics Adapted to All Levels of Hiking Experience.

Double Buckle Anti-Freeze Fastening for Optimal Comfort and Perfect Fit.

Lightweight Snowshoes with a Luxury Harness for Your Comfort.

Quick and easy installation, even with gloves.

30 Inch Ergonomic Snowshoes for Men and Women, Incredibly Robust All-Terrain. Exceptional Comfort, Robust Performance.


Unisex for Men and Women.

Compatible with All Boots, Sizes 6 to 13.

30-inch snowshoes with a maximum capacity of 270 pounds (120 kg).

Snowshoes with Pivot, Robust Aluminum Frame.

Super Lightweight with Aluminum Tube Frame.

Pleasant Ergonomic Shape for Easy Walking.

Wide Attachment to Eliminate Support Points

Very Easy and Quick Fixing "Easy-Fix"

Front and Rear Traction with Multiple Cleats

Ultra Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Tubing

Nylon Harness for a Quick and Effective Adjustment

Non-Stick Sieve to Cope with Snow

Ultra Durable Platform Made from Rugged High Density Polyethylene

Resistance Up to -40 degrees Celsius

Practical storage: Snowshoes slide easily into the accompanying bag for comfortable storage


2-Year Extended Warranty: The Assurance of a Free Quality Guarantee from on these Snowshoes


Quebec brand Yanes

Model 30yns-pro 

Modern Ergonomic Snowshoe YANES 30 Inch Women Men 130 to 270 Lbs

SKU: 30yns-pro
C$169.99 Regular Price
C$119.99Sale Price
  • Frre Bag

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