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The best children's snowshoes on the market

Limited lifetime warranty

Easy to use

Universal size

The designers developed this snowshoe to help them climb all types of trails. Discover this ultralight snowshoe with its harness specially adapted for young adventurers;

Ideal for your children who love hiking

Children's snowshoes for girls or junior boys 6 to 14 years old

Winter enthusiasts, go hiking with your child in complete peace of mind with the set of children's snowshoes. This set includes everything you need to enjoy the outdoors this winter, from snowshoes to poles to a carrying bag. All that's missing is the snow and the beautiful sunny day. 


Lightweight and easy to use

Compatible with all types of boots

Premium 18-19 inch snowshoes

Extreme Durability

Very Light and Robust Anodized Aluminum


The set includes:

1 pair of snowshoes, 1 bag and 2 4-season adjustable junior poles Extendable aluminum poles with multiple tips that adapt to different types of terrain;


19 INCH Flotation Chart:

On Track Only: Less than 100 lb =45kg

On-Piste and Off-Piste: Less than 80 lb =36kg


This model is also sold for schools

Super quick to install and uninstall without hassle

Ratchet attachment for easy adjustment for the child

Quebec brand: WhiteMountain

This model is sold in schools


Length 19 inches (50cm)

Width 7 1/2 inches (19cm)
Ergonomic shape with easy gait

Front and rear lug traction

Ultra-light 6061 aluminum tubing

High-density, ultra-durable thermo polyethylene (HDPE) platform & super durable

Smooth, non-stick platform to snow

Assorted colored sticks

Resistant to minus -50 degrees Celsius

Sticks of various colors depending on availability

For off-road use

These snowshoes are ergonomic and hassle-free

Fastening with quick locking and easy release system and even with mittens,

Easy to use and heel strap for a perfect, hassle-free fit

Aluminum front cleats and rear cleats for grip and traction

Perfect for taking your child for a winter walk with you

Sturdy metal frame provides a stable platform

This model is very light


Limited lifetime warranty

Brand:White Mountain

Model: kit19wm-snow-fu


Snowshoe size chart for children

Very small child 2 to 6 years old:
14 inches
less than 50 lbs (max 22 kg)

Small child aged 4 to 8 (10 years depending on model):
16 - 17 inches
·less than 75 lbs (max 34 kg)
Child 6 to 14 years old:
18 - 19 inches:
·Track only: 50-90 lbs (22 to 40 kg)
·Piste and off-piste: 50-65 lbs (22 to 36 kg)
Child-Adolescent 8 years and over:
20 inches:
·Track only: max 125 lbs (max 57 kg)
·Piste and off-piste: max 100 lbs (max 45 kg)


Children's Snowshoe Set 19 Inches from 6 to 14 years old Junior

SKU: kit19wm-snow-blu
C$139.99 Regular Price
C$74.99Sale Price
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