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Immerse yourself in Absolute Comfort with its 2 pairs of Performance Merino Wool Socks from GKS! More than 20 years ago, the GKS brand began manufacturing women's socks using wonderful merino wool.

This high-performance, natural and sustainable fiber has since paved the way for incomparable adventures.

Exceptional Features: Versatile Performance

: GKS performance socks are ideal for all activities, thanks to their elasticity that hugs the feet perfectly.

Moisture Control: Merino wool helps wick away moisture, keeping feet dry and warm even during the most intense adventures.

Thermal Protection: Give your feet exceptional thermal protection, essential for all your expeditions.

Unparalleled Comfort: The softness and comfort of merino wool make these socks perfect for all seasons.

Technical characteristics :

Size Available:

-CHILD: 1-2-3-4 Girl /1-2-3 Boy

 -VERY SMALL  : 5-6-Women / 5-6 junior

 -SMALL    :    7-8-9 Women / 6-7 Men

 -MEDIUM:   10-12 Women / 8-10 Men

 -LARGE  :  13-14 Women / 11-12 Men


 2 Pairs

-Brand: GKS

. Merino wool helps wick away moisture
. Helps keep feet dry and warm
. Thermal protection
. Soft and comfortable Merino wool sock
. Their elasticity means that the sock hugs the foot for better support.

 Color: Charcoal and red
. 24% merino wool
. 58% acrylic
. 16% polyester

. 2% Elastane
. Made in China


Model: bas-liz-uni

  The stockings are inexpensive and make your hikes priceless!
  An improper sock equals a wet or frozen foot.

Warm Winter & Outdoor Socks Super Socks Merino Unisex Discount 66%

SKU: bas-liz-uni
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