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Immerse yourself in Absolute Comfort with GKS Merino Wool Performance Socks! Over 20 years ago, the GKS brand began manufacturing women's socks using wonderful merino wool.

This high-performance, natural and sustainable fiber has since paved the way for incomparable adventures.

Exceptional Features: Versatile Performance

: GKS performance socks are ideal for all activities, thanks to their elasticity that hugs the feet perfectly.

Moisture Control: Merino wool helps wick away moisture, keeping feet dry and warm even during the most intense adventures.

Thermal Protection: Give your feet exceptional thermal protection, essential for all your expeditions.

Unparalleled Comfort: The softness and comfort of merino wool make these socks perfect for all seasons.

Technical characteristics :

Size Available:

Very Small: 5-6

Small: 7-8-9

Medium: 10-12

Large: 13-14

High Quality Materials: 24% merino wool 58% acrylic 16% polyester 2% elastane

Quebec design

Made in China


GKS, the Choice for Comfort and Performance. Redefine your experience by opting for the unrivaled quality of GKS socks. A minimal investment for priceless hikes!

Brand: GKS
Model: bas-liz-fm

The stockings are inexpensive and make your hikes priceless!
An improper sock equals a wet or frozen foot.

Warm winter stockings GKS Super Socks in Merino Wool for Women and Girls

SKU: bas-liz-fm
C$29.99 Regular Price
C$19.99Sale Price
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