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Snowshoes for Men 25 Inches: Efficiency and Durability in the Spotlight"

For demanding winter adventurers, our 25-inch Men's Snowshoes are synonymous with extreme durability and premium quality. These premium snowshoes provide impressive flotation for people weighing between 100 and 220 pounds.

"White Mountain 25 inch Snowshoes: Your Ideal Companions for Winter Adventures

Discover the epitome of winter performance with the White Mountain 25 inch snowshoes. These exceptional snowshoes are designed to meet the demands of snowy adventures, offering both lightness and strength.



Performance : All-Terrain

Design :Quebecoise

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size: 25x8 inches

Traction:14 Robust crampons

Stability:Metal rotating swivel

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Robust Grade 6061 aluminum

Fixation : Rapid Fastering Technology

Light Weight: 833g (x 2)



Transport bag : Durable nylon



Track only:        100-220 lb(44 to 100 kg) 

On-piste and off-piste:    100 - 170 lbs(44 to 77 kg) 

Off-road only: 100-150 lb (44 to 68 kg)  


Optimal Comfort and Easy Fit

The double buckle fastening guarantees optimal comfort and a perfect fit. These racquets are designed with 6061 aluminum tubing and a thermoplastic deck, making them incredibly lightweight while remaining sturdy. You'll appreciate the all-new Rapid Fastening nylon harness that allows for easy adjustments. Additionally, a tote bag is included for your convenience.

Flotation Charter:

  • On Track only: 100-220 pounds = 100kg
  • Track - Off-piste: 100-170 pounds = 77kg
  • Off-Piste Only: 100-150 pounds = 68kg

Lightness and Durability

These lightweight snowshoes are made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, making your hikes as easy as possible. Whether you are in the woods or on the trails, you will feel less fatigue compared to ordinary snowshoes, which will allow you to enjoy long walks.

Built to last

The thermoplastic platform is designed to minimize weight while maximizing strength, giving you greater control on your rides, without battling the snow.

Versatile Fixation

White Mountain harnesses are designed to provide maximum comfort on flat terrain while ensuring excellent control on more aggressive terrain. They are easy to use and attach quickly, allowing you to be ready at any time, whatever the occasion.

Solid Crampons

Our high-quality crampons are made from sharp, durable aluminum, ensuring exceptional maneuverability, superior grip on snow or ice, and effortless walking.

Ready for Extreme Conditions

These snowshoes are resistant to temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

The WM-925-ROUGE3D model is a creation of the White Mountain brand, a brand recognized for its Quebec design.

Order now and benefit from an extended 2-year warranty, offered exclusively at on our snowshoes. Get ready for exceptional winter adventures!

White Mountain 25" Snowshoes - Flotation 100-220 lbs - For Men

159,99C$ Regular Price
89,99C$Sale Price
Color: 3 colors
  • - 1 free carrying bag with every snowshoe purchase.

    - This promotion is offered automatically when you purchase online or in store.

    - Cannot be combined with snowshoe sets that already have a bag included.


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