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With 24 Very Good Crampons



  • Traction system for ice and snow
  • easy to install on most boots
  • Elastomer harness
  • 24 steel crampons
  • Multi-rubber stabilizers
  • Ideal for walking around town and for light hiking

 Fits almost all boots & shoes


  • Robust and Durable
  • Cleated traction system for ice and snow:
  • easy to put on and take off, the ideal traction system for ice and snow
  • lightweight and compact provides good grip on icy streets and sidewalks.
  • Designed for walking in winter, 
  •  Also muddy, wet, icy surfaces and hard snow trails
  • These durable booster crampons are perfect for professionals and explorers.

Using multi-directional steel studs

 Our wearable insoles for snow and ice shoes ensure more safety on snow and ice. 

Designed to fit all shoe styles.

Folds up small to fit in your bag or car glove compartment.


Quebecois DESIGN– Made from premium quality and durable materials

SUPERIOR TRACTION- High-end winter ice cleats

for use

daily life with 24 strategically placed steel cleats/grips provide

ultimate 360° traction

on snow and ice in winter. Helps you walk, run and work

with more confidence in slippery winter conditions.

SECURE FIT - The ergonomic design that ensures a

perfect fit over most winter shoes and boots.

The 24 non-slip studs easily adjust to your boots

and stays in place during use to prevent falls on icy surfaces.

EASY TO USE - Traction cleats adjust easily

around shoes in seconds. Simply insert the

front end of your shoe into the toe cage, then pull the toe

back over the heel of your shoe.

When not in use, ice cleats

are light and portable enough to be stored compactly.

NIGHT SAFETY - ice cleats for shoes

and boots with integrated reflective heel for better

night visibility and provides greater safety when

you are walking or running in low visibility conditions.

The reflective panels incorporated into the heels of the

Studs help reflect light from car headlights.

EXTRAORDINARY DURABILITY - Designed to withstand heavy

regular use during winter with joints and surfaces

very durable made with a special rubber compound that

maintains its elasticity at temperatures below freezing;up to -40.

The crampons have been rigorously tested to ensure

that they resist daily use in Canadian winter conditions.


Brand: Olympia



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