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The Best Snowshoes for Children – Comfortable and Versatile

The favorite racket of children and parents.

Give your young adventurers the best winter experience with White Mountain children's snowshoes. Designed for children aged 6 to 14, these snowshoes combine lightness, durability and ease of use for hassle-free hikes. 

Flotation weight up to 100 pounds (max 45 kg) 



Performance : All-Terrain

Design :Quebecoise

Guarantee : 2 year plan

Size: 19 inches

Traction:10 Robust crampons

Stability: Soft pivot

Platform :Ultra durable (HDPE)

Resistance : -40 degrees

Frame :Robust Grade 6061 aluminum

Fixation : Ratchet technology

Shoe size :Junior 12 to 7 adults (female)

Light Weight: 599g (x 2) 

Including: Bag of Durable nylon


Strong points :

  • 2-year warranty offered : Take advantage of our extended 2-year warranty, exclusively available at, for adventures with complete confidence.

  • Universal Design : These snowshoes are designed to be compatible with all kinds of boots, from children's sizes to adult (women's) size 7.

  • Versatile and Lightweight : These snowshoes are ideal for children ages 6 to 14, with a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds (45 kg). They are compatible with all types of boots for more versatility.

  • Ergonomic Design : The lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame is ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable and easy rides. The ergonomic shape offers a fluid gait.

  • Durable Crampons : The aluminum crampons are extremely durable and pivot freely to provide excellent grip on snow. Heel lugs provide traction on gentle descents.

  • Complete set : White Mountain snowshoes for children come with a carry bag with side handles for easy transport.

  • Extreme Durability : Made with lightweight, sturdy anodized aluminum, these rackets are built to last.


  • Size: 19 inches (50 cm) long and 7 1/2 inches (19 cm) wide.
  • Ergonomic shape for easy walking.
  • Traction provided by front and rear crampons.
  • Ultra-light 6061 aluminum frame.
  • High-density, ultra-durable and super-strong thermoplastic polyethylene (HDPE) platform.
  • Resistant to -40 degrees Celsius for off-road use.
  • Model: WM-819-SNOWBL

Charter of Sizes:

  • 14 inch snowshoes: Very small child from 2 to 6 years old, weight up to 50 pounds (max 22 kg).
  • 16-17 inch snowshoes: Small child 4 to 8 years old (up to 10 years old depending on model), weight up to 75 pounds (max 34 kg).
  • 18-19 inch snowshoes: Children aged 6 to 14, weight up to 100 pounds (max 45 kg).
  • 20-inch snowshoes: Children-Adolescents aged 8 and over, weight up to 125 pounds (max 57 kg).
  • 21/22 inch snowshoes: Weight 75 to 160 pounds (max 72 kg).
  • 24/25 inch snowshoes: Weight up to 220 pounds (max 100 kg).

Make sure your kids have unforgettable winter adventures with White Mountain snowshoes. Take advantage of the 2-year warranty offered by for complete peace of mind.

19 Inch Snowshoe for Children Ages 6 to 14 - White Mountain

C$99.99 Regular Price
C$59.99Sale Price
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