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Keep Your Feet Dry and Protected While Hiking with our Protective Leg Warmers

2 sizes available to benefit you during winter hiking.

Lower leg protection leggings are an essential accessory for any hike, walk, climb or snowshoe outing. Here's what you need to know about them:

Main Features :

  • Designed for Protection: Don't let snow, rain, rocks or dust ruin your outdoor adventure. These leggings are specially designed for harsh conditions, such as walking through deep snow or hiking in bad weather. They act as a barrier, preventing water, dirt, snow and debris from entering your shoes.

  • Zipper and Velcro: Our leg warmers are equipped with a zipper and velcro front, providing easy installation and a secure fit.

  • Quality Material: Made from 600D Oxford fabric, these leg warmers are waterproof, windproof, snow-resistant, flexible and abrasion resistant. The choice of material aims to guarantee your comfort, keeping your legs dry while providing exceptional durability.

  • Reinforced Instep Straps: Reinforced instep straps are designed to withstand low temperatures and work perfectly on ice and rocks without breaking. Plus, they are easily adjustable to ensure the leg warmers fit your shoes or boots perfectly.

  • Effective Closing System: For maximum waterproof performance, these hiking leggings feature a top closure system, ensuring they do not slide down and preventing moisture from entering.

  • Ease of use : When snowshoeing, these leg warmers can be opened and closed in seconds, allowing you to quickly adjust them around your leg.

  • Adjustable Sizes: You can choose between two sizes:

    • Standard : Height of 15 inches and calf circumference of 18 inches or less.
    • X-Long (+$5): Height 18 inches and calf circumference 18 inches or less.
  • Colors: Washed black

  • Model : ford

  • Brand : SIMARD SPORT

  • Weight; 70g x2

Keep your feet dry and protected during your outdoor adventures with these lower leg protection leggings. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, while providing comfort and durability.

Hiking gaiter Leg warmers Ideal for all types of hiking

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