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Poles from 2 to 10 years

Easy and ultra light to carry.

Suitable for all seasons and all terrains


Upgradable model: adjustable from 50 cm to 90 cm

Aluminum stick and carbide tip

All-Terrain with different end caps

ProHiking trekking poles

Vissable with anti-shock system and quick lock, telescopic


  • Sticks that ensure stability and a distribution of your weight for the comfort of your joints
    • Pair of sticks made for walking and hiking 4 seasons
    • Divisions retractable avec in lightweight aluminum
    • Telescopic walking stick / trekking poles Extensible
    • Self-locking screw & unscrew system
    • Retractable hiking stick by a rotational movement
    • Including types of multi-surface (all-terrain) tips

Soft ground; in forest or sandy


_ Snowy terrain

Ice surface


    • Three-section screw-on adjustment system adapts to your height and facilitates transport
    • Ensures a good grip thanks to its ergonomic handle
    • Double adjustment with anti-shock
    • Basket (washer) removable for walking on firm snow-covered terrain
    • Characteristic of our All-Terrain poles with Large screwable washer that looks like a snowflake...........= Snowshoeing
      Medium screwable washer which is dense and not perforated.....= Hiking in the forest
      Fixed point at the end of the stick

For a Better Stability Use of Sticks :

    • . Using telescopic trekking poles with the big tip will help you with better stability on snow and better weight distribution.
    • The poles help you be less sore and snowshoe over a longer distance.
    • . The balance provided by the poles in winter is incredible!

The stick is the essential tool for the walker balance on the snow! The rugged nature of some trails is best tackled with poles.
And not talking about the descent. As I often say, poles are no more and no less than two extra legs
who come to relieve you and help you find a point of balance. Do not forget them during your hike! »


# Model: bat-enf


C$24.99 Regular Price
C$9.99Sale Price
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