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“The 5 Best Hiking Poles of 2024: A Complete Guide to Your Hikes!”

Updated: Jan 5

Put your health first with best hiking poles !

Hiking is much more than a simple passion, it is an unforgettable experience that allows you to reconnect with nature and discover magnificent landscapes. To get the most out of every excursion, it is essential to invest in high quality walking poles. In this article, we will guide you through the world of hiking poles along with the 5 best picks 2024 explaining why they are essential and in this guide we will help you know how to choose them for a better hiking adventure.

The benefits of walking poles are indisputable, and many outdoor enthusiasts attest to this. They provide increased stability, reduce muscle fatigue and broaden your hiking horizons. But how do you make the best choice among the multitude of models available?

We will help you answer this question by exploring the selection criteria and examining the advantages of walking and hiking poles. In addition, you will discover the different types of walking poles, from telescopic models to poles equipped with large tips, as well as tips for better purchases.

Whether you're new to hiking or a seasoned adventurer, this comprehensive guide will prepare you to make an informed choice. You'll be ready to find the perfect walking poles for your future hikes. More than just equipment, walking poles are your ally for an unforgettable outdoor experience in 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to maximize your enjoyment and safety during your outdoor adventures."

Discover 5 Types of All-Terrain Walking Poles4 Seasons
Discover the benefits of using Walking Sticks / Hiking Poles

Explore the 5 Essential Benefits of Walking Poles for Your Hiking

In addition, walking poles promote an upright posture by encouraging correct back support. With these benefits, you can hit the trails with confidence, taking care of your body and maximizing your outdoor enjoyment.

When you go hiking, walking poles can be your best allies. Here are 5 key benefits they offer to enhance your outdoor experience:

  1. Downhill Joint Relief: Walking poles absorb some of the impact when you descend steep slopes, relieving pressure on your knees and ankles. This allows you to enjoy the descent without discomfort or pain.

  2. Easy Climbing with Arm Support: When you're climbing steep hills or trails, walking poles help push and pull you up. They reduce the load on your legs by engaging your arms, making climbing easier.

  3. Improved Perceived Safety: On sections of the trail where there is a risk of falling, walking poles provide you with increased safety. By planting them firmly, you can prevent slips and falls, boosting your confidence and peace of mind when hiking.

  4. Relieve Body Tension: Walking poles distribute the load across your entire body. This means you put less strain on your legs and back, which reduces muscle fatigue. You can extend your hikes and enjoy the outdoors more.

  5. Better Balance on Various Terrains: When crossing rivers or walking on snow, walking poles help you maintain your balance. They serve as stable support points, preventing you from slipping or tripping.

All this summarized in multiple advantages and 5 types of “Hiking” walking poles

"Discover the Different Types of Hiking Poles for Your Outdoor AdventuresWhen considering trekking poles, it is essential to understand the different options available to you. Trekking poles come in five types, offering a variety of benefits to meet your specific needs.

1. Telescopic Walking Poles: These classic poles are often the ideal choice for beginners. They are generally affordable and consist of three components that you can easily adjust. Two types of locking are commonly used: twist locking, which requires a little more time to adjust, and clamp locking, which is faster, more intuitive, and more durable.2. Shockproof Hiking Poles: These poles are designed to absorb impact and reduce pressure on your joints with every step you take . Thanks to their ability to absorb shock, they provide additional comfort during your hikes, thus preserving the health of your joints."3. Foldable Hiking Poles: Foldable poles are more increasingly popular due to their practicality. The pole segments are connected by an internal cable, allowing for quick assembly when the middle segment is pulled. A metal pin ensures security against unintentional movement.4. Nordic Walking Poles: Designed specifically for Nordic walking , these poles are lightweight, adjustable and equipped with special tips for better grip on various terrains.5. Walking Poles with Quick Lock System: These poles feature a quick-lock mechanism that allows easy adjustment, even while walking.

5 characteristics to know before buying your walking poles
5 key things to know before buying your walking poles

When searching for the ideal stick, consider the following key elements:

  1. Pole Shaft Materials: Walking poles are mainly made of aluminum or carbon (carbon fibers). Aluminum is light and economical, while carbon is even lighter, although more expensive. Previous concerns about the fragility of carbon have been alleviated thanks to advances in carbon fiber materials. It is true, however, that carbon can break more easily under overload, while aluminum tends to bend first.

2. Tip of the Stick: The ends of walking poles are usually made of tungsten, making them durable and able to withstand thousands of miles of walking. Some models offer the possibility of replacing the tips in case of wear. On asphalt surfaces, protective rubber caps may be useful to prevent excessive wear.

3 . Package Weight and Size: Pole weight and size are essential when carrying long distances, whether in a backpack or for activities such as via ferrata or commuting. -hiking place. Lighter weight also makes walking easier by reducing effort when swinging the poles.

4. Handle and wrist strap: The handle and wrist strap are elements of user comfort. Make sure the handle is ergonomically shaped to avoid irritation. Handle materials vary, from plastic on inexpensive models to cork alloy on high-end models.

Nordic Hiking Poles. Ideal for Adventures in All Seasons
Are you now ready for a new adventure with your new walking poles?

Satisfy your thirst for adventure with these shockproof poles!

By carefully considering all of these criteria, you will be ready to choose the ideal walking poles for your outdoor adventures. A judicious selection guarantees a more comfortable, secure and enjoyable hike in 2023but also for 2024, here are 5 choices:

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A) Used by thousands of hikers for 20 years and approved by the best fitness instructors across Canada, Here is the new generation of 300 SERIES Nordic walking poles, the most popular for quality / price.

Used by thousands of hikers for 20 years and trusted by top fitness instructors across Canada, our 300 SERIES poles are our most popular walking poles. for quality/price.
The Most Popular Hiking Poles on the Market

A) BMultifunctional Nordic Walking Poles in Performance thanks to Anti-Vibration Technology and Reliable Locking System

Optimal Comfort and Safety: Discover our 3-section poles, adjustable for a personalized fit. Their ergonomic handle is designed to prevent injuries. These poles, approved by Canada's top fitness instructors, are a fitness favorite. They combine performance, safety and comfort, allowing you to burn 20% up to 40% more calories compared to walking without poles. The ergonomic handle engages your abdominal muscles, strengthening your core. Join the movement and take a walk towards better health. They are easy to transport and suitable for all seasons and terrains.

................................................ ....

B) Adjustable poles with quick clip-locks and cork handles

Strong, lightweight, fully adjustable YANES hiking poles with cork handles
Quick Lock Trekking Poles

B) Strong, lightweight, fully adjustable hiking poles with cork handles for added stability and less pain on the hiking trail

  • Well thought out indestructible design with quality aluminum construction ensuring durability and ease of use, extra strong, lightweight and flexible aluminum construction that won't break where other carbon trekking poles will

  • Fully upgraded and equipped hiking and walking poles with all the necessary accessories for all terrains and conditions, each cane has a robust tungsten carbide tip which increases traction

  • Every detail counts, the quick, telescopic, foldable, precise lever locking system allows you to manually adjust the length to your liking in a single gesture

  • Improved level locking mechanism with reinforced housing and metal clips that will securely hold the adjusted level position and also prevent losing the clamping screw

  • These hiking poles are perfect outdoor equipment

............................................ ...............

C) Walking poles promote an upright posture by encouraging proper back support

Our adjustable hiking poles feature ergonomic handles that provide a firm, comfortable grip, even during strenuous activity.
Series 7 high quality aluminum walking poles
  • Join the movement and take a walk towards better health. They are easy to transport and suitable for all seasons and terrains.

  • Thanks to the high-quality 7 series aviation aluminum material, the shock absorption effect can greatly reduce the damage caused by impact force.

  • All-Terrain 4 Seasons Suitable for all seasons and terrains: comes with rubber toes, boot toes, baskets mud and snow baskets, these hiking poles help you handle easily in all weather and terrain thanks to itsanti-shock system. Lightweight walking poles

................................................ .............

E) 4-season Nordic walking poles with double handle

Nordic Hiking Poles. Ideal for Adventures in All Seasons
4-season walking poles - Nordic hiking pole

Extra long EVA foam handles with straps: soft and comfortable, absorb moisture from sweaty hands and very comfortable to hold

  • Built to last: we use aeronautical aluminum to make the strongest, lightest poles on the outdoor market

  • Extensible : our poles feature our Quick Lock system so you can quickly fold or extend your poles from 65 cm to 130 cm. When not in use, they are easy to store.

.................................. .........

Ideal Walking Poles for All-Season Hiking: Optimal Comfort
Fully protect your safety with TEAM JAUNTY HD model stick

E) Discover the TEAM JAUNTY Hiking Poles:

When you go on an adventure, comfort and safety are essential to maximize your enjoyment. TEAM JAUNTY hiking poles are designed to meet these needs, offering exceptional features for seasoned hikers and beginners:

Premium Comfort: Ergonomic natural cork handle fits your palm perfectly, providing excellent sweat absorption, non-slip grip , lasting comfort and keeping you dry.

Optimal Safety: TEAM JAUNTY hiking poles are made of aluminum alloy

All Season and All Terrain Adaptability: TEAM JAUNTY poles come with rubber tips, boot tips, mud baskets and snow baskets, making them a versatile choice

Know the types of tips before buying your walking poles

 With your hiking poles, use different tips for each type of hiking.
With your walking poles, use different tips for each type of hike.

Put your health first! With your walking poles, use different tips for each type of hiking for all seasons and all terrains. Depending on the type of soilyou only have to change tips call under another element "basket" to get a good active workout and get in shape faster. Often poles come with rubber tips, boot tips, mud baskets and baskets that help you handle all weather and terrain with ease.

Walking poles will help you burn at least 20% more calories compared to trekking without them. Telescopic trekking poles adapt to your body shape, your height and your weight, allowing you to adjust the height of the pole when you feel the need, especially on slopes in order to avoid falls and muscle stiffness .

"By carefully considering these criteria, you will be fully prepared to select the ideal walking poles for your outdoor adventures. Making the right choice ensures a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable hike not only in 2023, but also for years to come."

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